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YouTube no doubt is now part of humanity’s consciousness, because it allows you to express yourself, create communities and connect with like minded people.

Because of its popularity, and because almost everyone now owns a YouTube channel, competition to be found and viewed is ferocious. To grow your YouTube channel to attract more viewers to your videos, you will need to optimize your videos so that when people search YouTube, your videos can be found on top of YouTube search results.

Although you can explore YouTube video ads, you still will get better results when you find the right (searched) keywords people are constantly searching for.

YouTube Optimization Tips and Tricks

YouTube video SEO keywords

As you can see in the image example above, experimenting with YouTube search box using your industry specific keywords can reveal important keyword insights for your YouTube channel to target (create content people are searching for). Just play around with YouTube search box to see new video content ideas.

If your channel is still new, then, begin targeting long tailed keywords first (long tailed keywords are keywords that are made up of 3 or more words).

Then begin with YouTube video optimization techniques such as placing the keywords in:

  • Video Title
  • Video Tags
  • Video Description
  • Within the actual video (as spoken words at least couple of times)
  • Thumbnail image file name (through image optimization)
  • Raw video file name can also be named using target keywords

Following these methods will at least allow YouTube algorithms to better understand your video content so that it can match it to what people are typing in YouTube search engine.

How to Optimize Video File Details

Remember that you can also search Google to find keyword ideas (if anytime you search Google search engine and see a video in the results set, then note the video title as those keywords are a great candidate to be shown in Google Web Search as well).

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