YouTube Optimization

YouTube no doubt is now part of humanity’s consciousness, because it allows you to express yourself, create communities and connect with like minded people.

But because of its popularity, and because everyone who owns a YouTube channel wants to grow their YouTube channel to attract more viewers to their own videos, means that if you do own a channel yourself, then you will need to optimize your videos so that when people search YouTube, your videos can be found.

YouTube Optimization Tips and Tricks

YouTube Search Box
Shows YouTube Search Box user interface

As you can see in the image above, experimenting with YouTube search box can reveal important insights for your YouTube channel to target (create content accordingly)

Then video optimization techniques such as placing the keywords in:

  • Video Title
  • Video Tags
  • Video Description
  • Within the actual video (as spoken words couple of time)
  • Thumbnail image file name (also image optimization)
  • Raw video file name can also be named as the target keywords

Will at least allow YouTube algorithms to better understanding your video content so that it can match it to what people are typing in YouTube search engine.

How to Optimize Video File Details

These are basic video optimization methods in 2016, you can also search Google to find keywords (if anytime you search Google search engine and see a video in the results set, then note the video title as those keywords are a great candidate to be shown in Google Web Search as well).

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