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Latest changes Google has made in 2024 means that Local Businesses need to approach their search engine optimization strategies differently.

For example: using the latest Schema Markup Structured Data Rich Results for Local Business website isn’t good enough if a local business is not using other important Structured Data such as Questions and Answers, business logo, Breadcrumbs and other SEO techniques that can aid in establishing your business details with Google.

Video Tutorial for Local Business SEO in 2024

In this updated blog post, I will skip the usual optimization techniques as outlined on RankYa website, instead show you the must haves for Local SEO in 2024.

Completely Optimize Business Information

Google Business Profile options Google business profiles in 2024 has new features such as Q & A option, adding offers and other latest features. Take your time and create a complete profile as thorough as possible.

RankYa SEO Tip: whenever you are adding original photos of your local business, include structured data or IPTC photo metadata. Since Google encourages local business’s to add photos, for example: exterior photo of the store, you can name your image files meaningfully before you upload to Google servers (or to your website).

Full Search Engine Optimization of the Website

This help the local business website to work in conjunction with Google Business Profiles. Also will help establish the local business as authorative in the participating industry.

You can begin strategizing your content strategy to include helpful content through targeting question oriented words. Furthermore, latest 2024 SEO changes also means that the website requires complimentary content (PDFs, manuals, how-to infographs, videos, images etc.) any type of content that will improve user-experience.

For example: a take-away restaurant can include the full menu in PDF format, or add directions to the local business. definition of Highest Quality Pages

Add Complete Structured Data Schema Markup

If a website is already using LocalBusiness Markup, that’s great because it is better than not using it. However, realize that you can fully structure your website Theme that compliments Local Business Markup. For example: HTML address element coupled with Microdata. Adding ContactPage or AboutPage will further guide all search engines that understand schema markup (remember that Google is not the only search engine on planet earth).

Connect Everything

Using Schema Markup for itemprop=”sameAs” to link social profiles through your website will allow Google to gather your local business details from external social media platforms. This will help the searcher to gain detailed description in Knowlege Graph. Furthermore will aid Google search algorithms to consolidate all the backlinks to the website.

Reviews Reviews More Reviews

No business that wants to achieve top Google ranking results can have enough reviews. Although Google has guidelines and best practices for getting reviews for a local business, you have to think creatively.

Depending on the type of business and how you’re dealing with clients / customers, you can share a link to get reviews link for Google Business Profile Review

Better yet: physical store owners can prominently display a small sign (perhaps at the customer service desk) asking for a Review. In this example: a business can also include an iPad nearby already connected to the review web page making the review process easy and convenient. iPad and smartphone smiley star icons

Focus on Quality NOT Citations

Quality backlinks are important for any type of business, and in terms of search engine optimization for local businesses, there are many claims as to some SEO experts suggesting “create business profiles (also known as Local Citations) for a local business”. Surely, any form of business marketing is important, this includes creating profiles on popular local business directories. Having said this, almost 99% of citations being offered online as an SEO service is spam and almost certainly against Google guidelines.

Quick Tip: ensure that each profile you create on any external website (or on online communities) is where actual real people visit and use. Do never attempt to create business profiles for the sake of backlinks. Always follow Google spam policies.

Local Business map data aggregators provide map data for some businesses such as Yelp and other popular business directories, this means, having professionally created profiles on popular business directories and online communities may be useful to market your business to wider audience.

Sample Directories:

Local Business Marketing Mistake to Avoid

Just because you can create a free profile on some external website, doesn’t mean you should. Unless you are going to be active on those websites (or online communities) it may be better to not create such profiles. For example: most small business owners create Facebook Business Page and then let their profile get stale without consistent updates. Furthermore: most of the business directories want you to advertise with them to drive website traffic. These are important to consider before investing your resources.

Include Directions & Google Maps on Your Website

Google recommends adding directions as well as using Google Maps on your website. Although great for some websites to use, it may not be ideal for all business owners to include Google Maps on all web pages. Consider where you are placing Google Maps on your website and if you must use it, then consider using it on Contact Page or on pages where you believe it will help the user find your business location. street sign world map building icon

To effectively optimize for Google Business Profile and increase your visibility in local search results

Don’t Wait for Google to Drive Traffic

You can be pro-active in promoting your local business. For example: if you are serving customers at your business location, then, you can encourage them to share your business details with their friends and family (referrals are important for any type of business). You can invest in advertising with Google Ads too.

By engaging on social media, creating and sharing posts from your website and Google Business Profile page you can enhance your online visibility.

Ensuring consistency in your business’s Name Address Phone Number (NAP) information, and fully optimizing your local business website according to 2024 Google changes will improve local SEO rankings and attract more customers to your business.

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