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With over 50000+ plugins in WordPress Plugins Depository you are sure to find one that will streamline your content publishing and also add value to your website.

Because the popularity of open source can be seen through the use of and also because you can modify these plugins to cater for your websites specific needs.

If you are considering to change your Content Management System (perhaps from or ) to WordPress, then don’t think twice about it because in the long run, your change will be well worth it

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Basically, think of WordPress plugins as power points which can be plugged in to your website (similar to electrical power points in your house) giving your website the power it needs to bring on the conversions lights.

Remember that you can also get custom plugins created by most WordPress Professionals as well.

However, you should only consider using plugins only when it adds high value in terms of time management for your website maintenance as well as usability. Meaning, do not just keep adding plugins just because they are available because then not only that can create issues, it can also be a burden to usability.

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