How to Remove BAD Reviews from Google My Business Listing

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How to Remove Content from Google

In today’s internet world, it is clear that there are many bad cheap services for Local Business owners regarding online reviews (good or bad). And if the unfortunate event of getting a bad fake or negative review for your local business has occurred, you are not alone.

There are many other small business owners reporting bad fake reviews they’ve gotten recently. And if the minefield of Google My Business listing policies has confused you, then here are some useful and basic insights for deleting fake reviews.

How To Remove Google Reviews

This video shows how to remove bad reviews from Google My Business. Keep in mind that the reviews shown in Google Maps comes from people using their Google accounts. If your local business is not verified and you haven’t claimed ownership of your business. You’ll need to do that first.

Links to Policies to Follow for Removing Bad Reviews from Google My Business Listing

If above all else fails, you then have to follow online reputation management to counter act the negative bad review. There are many ways to accomplish that.

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