Do External Links Affect SEO

Do External Links Affect SEO


This is a very valid question if you want to gain better organic ranking results from search engines, does external links affect SEO? Yes it does very much so. In fact, just tweaking your webpages to include external links would train Google to better understand your entire website as it follows links in-internet.

Google Search Engine Crawling Process

  • Google crawls websites through Google web crawler requesting a URI (since this is a unique address) it keeps track of all the other URI’s in the initially requested URI. The ones that it finds gets stored in the file (next URI to be requested) this is what Google does consistently, in fact, it does this so efficiently that no other search engine have been able to match Google’s crawling process efficiency.
  • Next, the hyperlink with its anchor text and its accompanying URI plays a role for Google to work out the relationships between web documents. Whether the web document is a web page, Adobe PDF document, video or whatever the
  • By definition of internet “interconnected network of networked computers” internet is a web of links, and there we have our answer “do external links affect search engine optimization rankings?” absolutely it does, because without using them, you are basically telling Google “hey there are no more links to follow for you on my website” therefore it can’t make the association to compute the relevance of your website

The above image clearly should show this to you. If a particular URI is outside the chain of internet, dead end, nowhere to go, standing all alone means that it just won’t be able to rank in Google for important keywords.

How to Externalize Hyperlinks for Better Results

Before you head out and create new hyperlinks pointing to competitor’s website think about how best to address your external linking structure. If you operate a business related website selling products or offering services, then either consider using the footer section to have at least one external link that compliments your webpage. If you own a blog which posts informational type of content, then, you can either have external links within the body of your blog post, or, you can even choose the footer linking option for blog posts as well. Your website visitors will remember you because you answered their questions on your landing pages.

So all in all, you should strongly consider creating external links on your web pages because then you will gain better results online.

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