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Google is a search engine we all can’t live without in 2016, at least that is the case for most people conducting trillions of search queries each year. As a business owner, Google can make or break an online business through showing results that point the searcher for your brand (or website) to bad review site.

I created a new post explaining how to , and now decided to create this new post providing the insight you may find it of use if are searching for ways to remove negative review from Google search.

First, let’s ask this 2 very important questions to ourselves “Does the Negative Review exist on external site like Yelp Facebook? Or does the negative review exist on Google Plus Google My Business?”.

If the negative review exists on Google’s own products such as Google Plus, you can visit this page to flag the review inappropriate because the process differs if the review is posted elsewhere on internet.

different processes for removing content from search engines
Shows three webpage illustrations and three solid lines pointing towards an internet search box

If the Negative Review is Posted on External Site NOT Owned by Google

The way Google algorithms work is that it crawls the internet public space and indexes all types of content including names reviews images and stores this information in Google’s own cache servers (but Google does NOT own that content it caches from external sites.) its still owned by the external website. Let me simplify it like this: you probably found RankYa through searching Google with “how to remove negative reviews from Google” and Google showed you my website’s details. That version of the webpage is cached in Google like this:


That means, if you contact Google instead of me asking for removal of such content hosted on external website (as in the example page above), Google is just going to ignore your request. Because even if it deletes it, its algorithms will pick that content up again when it re-crawls the internet. Therefore, it asks you to deal with it at the source (external website). Make sense? Because ONLY I can remove that web page from my own website.

What Options do You Have?

You got plenty of options, you could follow the regular channels if you believe the review is false, misleading and causes damage such as getting in touch with a lawyer and send out notices similar to the one in the image below.

sample letter for defamation notice

What If This Fails?

Regarding Google and even external sites, there are plenty of options available to you, here are some of them.

Option 1

Use Google ranking mastery techniques and get the website in question de-indexed (will be successful for most website types (apart from large players like Yelp Facebook YouTube and Google+))

Option 2

Counter-act Google search results by providing positive (this could also be confusing results for the searcher depending on what search term you want protected) information about yourself or your business, and by outranking other websites in Google Search, because it is not that hard to rank in the first page, entire page (all 10 organic results :-) for most search terms you want to protect) RankYa has the know-how and resources to do this type of reputation management. In fact you could also populate the second page as well depending on the search term and your resources this could be achieved.

Option 3

You could also try DMCA application whereby you could claim the copyright over the content in question be creating a website and publishing content (then simply change the date) although not recommended, this type of practice is still an option that should be within your knowledge when dealing with negative and false reviews.

Video Session That Explains How to Deal with Negative Customer Reviews from Google for Businesses

Keep in mind that the best advice is “do not react quickly to the bad feedback you may have got for your business” instead, plan a reply that addresses the concerns of the previous customer and try to win them back because you can.

Customer Service Should Be Part of All Online Businesses

Operating an internet business can be challenge especially if you dived right into the online business ocean. Although you can basically set up an online business within days by registering a domain and creating a website quickly, doesn’t mean we have an online business. Meaning, customer service should be as important as in Google to drive website traffic.

Visitors to your website must quickly get a sense of your business legitimacy through your security policies, return policies as well as handling customer support requests. It isn’t smart to just have a ticketing system when you are building a successful business online.

Treat each customer service request as important as “your online business success depends on it” because it actually does. You know this if you unfortunately got a negative feedback online about your business.

Screenshot of Google Reviews User Interface
Shows Screenshot of Google Reviews User Interface

How to Deal With All Customers?

Basically so far, I’ve tried to relay the importance of having good policies in place for dealing with customer service issues. However, working online  “you will have to deal with those who believe that you should offer them your services for free, or, replace an item that they broke for whatever the reason, or even, scammers who will want you to reveal your financials details”.

These are the types of potential customers which you will encounter while building a successful online business for yourself. So its best to prepared and have systems in place so that you can deal with all types of people / customers as best that you can. Because you need them, I need them, businesses in all shapes and sizes need them. Satisfy them by offering a great customer service.

Would you like to hire me to research and provide options and blueprint to get your details removed from Google? If so, go ahead and press on the below link to hire me now. Got any questions? Please do use the comment form below as free advice through email requests will not be replied to.

Research and Blueprint Creation for Removing Results from Google

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