Get to the Top of Google Without Paying

Most website owners wanting to get top Google ranking results without paying have either tried Google Adwords PPC advertising (which can cost lots of money for competitive keywords) or, you have realized that to succeed on internet, your website requires targeted website traffic (potential customers). So let me now simplify how you can get to the top … Continue reading “Get to the Top of Google Without Paying”

How to Rank in Google

Wanting to find the answer for this same question “How to rank your website higher in Google?” has led me on an exciting journey for many years learning, testing and improving Google ranking techniques. So if I was to compress many years of research about achieving top Google search engine rankings for your web site, … Continue reading “How to Rank in Google”

How to SEO in 2017

Another new and exciting year is just around the corner, and as always those who are starting to learn about search engine optimization in 2017 may ask how to SEO in 2017? First Rule to Learn About SEO 1. Follow Google Webmaster Guidelines Google has strict guidelines for website owners, basically, it requires that you create … Continue reading “How to SEO in 2017”