How to Fix ‘Video is not the main content of the page’

Video is not the main content of the page

First rule to get any content indexed by Google is to understand Google guidelines. Because Google also has video SEO guidelines which requires the content to be based on many factors including quality (original, unique, thumbnail image, etc.) for videos to be indexed.

Video Tutorials Showing How to Fix ‘Video is not the main content of the page’

Tips to Get Your Videos Indexed

What if your website is publishing original useful videos (not just YouTube Video Embed, or Facebook Video Embed) and Google search Console is showing issues for the video NOT being the main content of the web page? Then, simply follow these insights:

  • Publish the videos under your own domain
  • Publish the video thumbnail under your own domain
  • Prominently display the video in above the fold area
  • Use Structured Data VideoObject if you have technical skills
  • Use Semantic Optimization such as itemprop=”mainEntityOfPage”

Above the fold Area for video indexation

Updated Content and Video Tutorials (Covers All Page Indexing Issues)

Page Indexing

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