Creating Web Page Titles for SEO

Creating Web Page Titles for SEO

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Don’t be mislead by the blog post being named as Title tags for better SEO, because, HTML Titles are part of w3 standards as opposed to creating and using them for SEO only.

What is HTML TITLE Element?

The title of a document is specified by the TITLE element. The TITLE element should occur in the HEAD of the document. There may only be one title in any document. It should identify the content of the document in a fairly wide context.

HTML looks like the below example, and you can only have 1 TITLE Element per your landing page. And you place the Title element somewhere inside the head portion of an HTML Document

<head><title>This is a Title Element for your Web Page</title></head>

What is TITLE Attribute?

on the other hand are different, you use them on various tags throughout your HTML documents. Unlike the Title element (which provides information about an entire document) the title attributes can be used on number of different HTML tags.

Values within the title attribute may be rendered by user agents (search engines) in a variety of ways. But above all else, they provide tooltip cues for better usability that is always better for your website visitors.

Title Attribute Examples

<h1 title="SEO Tutorials">SEO Tutorials</h1>

<a itemprop="url" title="SEO Course Category" href="">Free SEO Course</a>

<img src="" alt="RankYa SEO and Online Marketing Blog Introduction Image" title="Be First in Search Engine Results Page" />

Title Tag for SEO? Not Smart

As we can see the confusion now, because those so called search engine optimization gurus always looking for quick solutions forgot to learn about the importance of TITLE tags in HTML documents. So your learning must be unlearned before you can create fully optimized Title Tags for SEO.

The reason I say that is because before thinking about SEOing your Title Tags, you have to understand that Title element is an extremely important part of an HTML document.

Not because you can use it to guide Google to better understand your web pages, nor should you use it just for higher click through rates. But rather understand that Title element is part of the w3 standards, and critically, its part of web accessibility which Google strongly supports. Here’s :

Making applications accessible not only ensures equal access to the roughly 1 billion people in the world with disabilities, but also benefits people without disabilities by allowing them to customize their experiences.

Title Tag Examples

This is what I used for some of my web pages, let’s see if you can figure out which pages these examples belong to

<title>About Us Page For Rankya Seo Services</title>

<title>Affordable SEO Services "YES" Amateurish seo "NO" @RankYa</title>

<title>Contact Details for</title>

Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Title Tags

  • Avoid choosing a title that has no relation to the content on the page
  • Avoid using a single title tag across all of your site’s pages or a large group of pages
  • Avoid keyword stuffing in your title tags

I see most websites keep using their domain name throughout all of their pages. That is never smart  because only certain pages can describe what your domain would stand for. For example: home page, about us page, contact us page, terms and conditions page, privacy policy page can have your domain in the Title element if you must, but the rest of your web pages should not.

Another Example

If a web page was about “ABC Product Part Number 123” how can Title element be like this:

<title>ABC Product Part Number 123</title>

What relation would domain name have to that part number? So you shouldn’t use domain names in your web page Titles like that, make sense? I hope it does because that’s important to remember when you create TITLE Elements for higher Google rankings as well as for higher Click Through Rates.

What is a Stop Word in a Title Tag?

Stop word in a title tag can be words such as “are” “for” “in” etc. These words can be used because it can provide a better user-experience and provide better meaning for your Title elements.

Video Explaining How to Create Title Tags for SEO

What do think about that? Can you provide better Title examples for SEO? If so, comment using the form below. Thank you for learning with me and sharing this blog post with others.

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  • Yassine

    Bonjour Tolga, why you said that I can use stop word because it can provide a better meaning for my title element, but yoast plugin said that we have to avoid stop word.?

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