Website Images Disappeared from Google Search Results Page?

You wake up, fill up with breakfast and your favorite caff√® latte, open your laptop to fulfill orders or reply back to your messages, but you notice something doesn’t seem right, perhaps there are no orders to fulfil, or orders are less than usual. You immidiately check Google Search Results Page (SERP), but you can’t… Continue reading Website Images Disappeared from Google Search Results Page?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for 2024 – The Future of SEO

Keeping up with the latest Google updates is crucial for individuals and businesses alike, especially the latest March 2024 update. Although Google frequently updates its algorithms, this latest 2024 update is a major core update focusing on Quality and Spam policies impacting search engine rankings, website traffic, and overall online visibility for most websites who… Continue reading Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for 2024 – The Future of SEO

What is HCU in SEO?

Helpful Content Update? Well, there actually is no such thing as Helpful Content Update. Because there is creating helpful content that is reliable and focused on people-first as opposed to creating content for search engine rankings. Can you see the difference? Because search engine optimization in 2024 is different compared to previous years, and it… Continue reading What is HCU in SEO?

SEO Tutorials 2024

It doesn’t matter what type of business website you operate, it needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Perhaps your website is already search engine optimized (so you think) but the year 2024 Google world has changed (drastically). Why SEO for Google has Changed in 2024 Because of ChatGPT and various other online content creators. Such new… Continue reading SEO Tutorials 2024

SEO PDF 2024

Search engine optimization (SEO) requirements and how you optimize your website is changing with the latest Google Page Experience and Core Web Vitals updates. What will be even more critical to grasp is the understanding of “how to create reliable, helpful and people-first content” in 2024 accordingly for long term RankYa followers, I’ve created an… Continue reading SEO PDF 2024

Shopify SEO Tutorial for 2024

If you’ve already implemented SEO on Shopify Product pages, great. If your eCommerce store is already getting some results, great. If you’re using SEO Apps thinking that will help, bad. Now you can get THE BEST of THE BEST results your Shopify Store deserves by just simply changing few things and following RankYa SEO. In… Continue reading Shopify SEO Tutorial for 2024

SEO Tips 2023

With all the new changes such as Google Page Experience update, Core Web Vitals, mobile first index amongst others, you need to approach Search Engine Optimization differently in 2023 compared to previous years. In this blog post, I am going to share insights and tips for latest SEO methods for 2023. SEO is NOT What… Continue reading SEO Tips 2023