What is Private Video on YouTube?

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Using YouTube settings can often be confusing to understand both for general public and YouTube Creators. In this blog post by RankYa I’ll cover common Questions & Answers related to YouTube videos and YouTube channel.

Video Tutorial Showing Private YouTube Video Setting

What is Private Video on YouTube?

private video setting When a creator uploads a video, he or she may set the video visibility to be “private” and only share the video by inviting others.

How-To Watch a Private YouTube Video?

If you know the video creator channel, you can ask them to send you an invite. You can email them to ask for an invite to watch the video.

Step 1
click on channel description Step 2
YouTube channel view email option

What if You Can’t Find the Channel?

At times, when you try to watch a video you may see a message like this: Private Video Screen If you can’t find out the channel owner of the video, or their email address, then, move on, find another video to watch and stop wasting your time trying to watch a Private Video.

What Can Creators Expect from Setting the Video Private?

Below is a table which simplifies how YouTube treats private videos

YouTube Feature Private Video
Can share URL NO
Can be added to a channel section NO
Can show up in search, related videos, and recommendations NO
Posted on your channel NO
Shows in Subscriber feed NO
Can be commented on NO
Can show up in a public playlist NO

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