Consent Mode v2 versus Consent Mode v1

Consent Mode v2 New Google Policies

The main difference between previous versions of consent policies is, now, Consent Mode v2 must be set to denied by default, and only updated to granted state when user provides consent. All websites or Apps using google products or services for sending data to Google servers must upgrade to consent mode v2

Video Tutorial Explains Consent Mode v1 vs Consent Mode v2

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Consent Mode v2 Mandatory and Legal from March 2024?

YES. Beginning from 16 January 2024 websites (or Apps) using Google services (Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob) must follow the updated consent guidelines when serving ads, particularly to users in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the UK in order to comply with updated policies.

As a part of Google’s ongoing commitment to a privacy-centric digital advertising ecosystem, in 2024, Google's enforcement action will also impact measurement features and apply to data from:

  • Websites: Tags that send data to Google.
  • Apps: SDKs that send data to Google.
  • Data uploads: Tools to upload data from non-Google sources, such as offline conversion imports or store sales.

To keep using measurement, ad personalization, and remarketing features, you must collect consent for use of personal data from end users and then share thpse consent signals with Google. The requirements also apply to businesses using Google Analytics data with a Google service.

What Happens If I Do Not Update to Google Consent Mode v2?

When not adhering to Google policies and Terms of Use. Google may suspend or disable your use of Google products or services.

What are the Benefits of Using Consent Mode v2?

Privacy has always been important, just as you wouldn't want your neighbor to sneak up to your bedroom window for a peep. When you use Google products, the data sent to Google is used in various ways (for example: ad personalization and online tracking for remarketing).

Informing users are helpful as some users would not want their data collected for privacy reasons, this also ensures better transparency and user-experience.

What Does Google Consent Mode Do?

If website (or App) users do not specifically grant permission, then, tracking data is not sent to Google. Consent Mode v2 enforces this.

What is Google Consent Mode v2 for Australia?

All websites (or Apps) using Google products need to upgrade to consent mode v2 when serving Ads to users from European Economic Area (EEA). This includes Australian based businesses.

Note: local business's using Google Ads campaigns with location targeting set as "show ads to people in Australia only" can simply continue implementing Australian Privacy Principles. Although updating your privacy policy page (or notices) is encouraged.

For more information about the new Google consent policies visit the Consent Mode v2 category section of our website.

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