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You know what? I get to work with clients who already have invested so much time and effort creating blog posts on their websites. However, if you are also creating blog posts with little or no results, then know this “writing a perfect blog post should start by targeting keywords” or else, if you do not start by targeting keywords that are searched by your ideal audience, then, who is going to visit your blog to read your blog posts?

Knowing this fact, it is only smart to build momentum and authority by creating content for long tailed keywords first.

Here’s the Video That Shows You ‘How You Can Write Perfect Posts’

Ingredients for Writing a Perfect Blog Post

What if you could not only write your stunningly consumable blog posts and almost instantly get people to read it? I hear you say “yes, yes

Your utmost attention is needed finding keywords that do not have lots of competitors (meaning, there aren’t too many published blog posts about the same subject you want to write about). And how you find that is through exploring the Google search box, or Advanced Search operators like so:

advanced search query for finding fresh keyword ideas Notice the words wrapped around double quotes and also the Google Advanced Search Query (asterisk * the wildcard operator) as it reveals quick and easy long tailed keywords ideas that you can begin to target.

Next, identify how many results Google brings by looking at “About N.. results”. Lesser the number, easier to generate website traffic. sample search engine results page

Search Google

Use advanced search operators and look at the result set, which can further reveal to you if other blog publishers are doing all the right things in terms of search engine optimization for higher Google Rankings. In the above example image, we can see that there are others who have written content for these sample keywords. However, because you are learning with RankYa, whenever you analyze Google search engine results page for top ranking websites, always ask

Are the Keywords I’m Targeting Mentioned in the Order I Will Target Them

Looking at the examples above, you can see that the second result set mentions the keywords in the URL portion, and yet, you can also be confident in knowing that these results aren’t fully optimized as they could be. Well at least not like the knowledge contained in RankYa SEO and Online Marketing Blog. This means you can easily outrank them.

Write your blog posts answering questions that your ideal audience is searching for, coupled with on page optimization techniques and focus your attention on usability of your mobile friendly website assures that for each blog post you create, your website visitors will thank you for it because you answered their questions on your blog.

Write In Chucks

Its proven fact that content that is too long to read will disengage people reading through your web copy. Learn to chunk content in pieces and focus on readability. Just like you would write an executive summary.

Use heading tags (h1, h2, h3 etc.) and while doing so include some keywords within heading tags. Below are some CSS code you too can use which will assist in page load times as well as make your web copy more readable

*{ text-rendering: optimizeSpeed } .entry-content p{ text-rendering: optimizeLegibility } .entry-content p{ line-height: 1.57 } /*Only works on Mac OS X/macOS*/ * { -webkit-font-smoothing:antialiased; }

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  2. Hi RankYa, this is the first post I’ve read on your website and I am now following you! You have broken down the art of writing blog posts in to basic components that beginners can easily understand.

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