How to Increase Backlink Count Using File Formats

How to Increase Backlink Count Using File Formats

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Your content marketing strategy doesn’t need to include blog posts only, in fact, given the availability of technology in 2016, you can quickly convert many of your content types in to PDF or Microsoft Word documents amongst others

When I think of a link, then I actually think of them as just links, whether that link is a backlink pointing from an external resource, or, whether that link is an outlink going out of my own website (or my client’s website).

What not to do when Outlinking

Before we learn about increasing our link count through different file formats, I’d like to draw your attention to common mistakes that I often see on websites that I optimize.

And that is, a website owner reading about the importance of outlinking from some retarded SEO related website telling you to outlink to Wikipedia “Don’t do that” unless your website is rather unique and provides dictionary type of answers (perhaps you may do so for one or two links, but not from all your web pages). Apart from that, you can use outlinking to relevant resources

So Let’s Now Learn About Link Count Increase Through Document Formats Google also Indexes

There are many different file types Google indexes, such as Adobe PDF’s Microsoft Word, PPT and others that . So it is then only smart to invest in creating different file types for sharing with your ideal audience. And when you do, then, within those different file formats, you can also get a backlink (just one or two depending on the content is all that is needed).

Where to Share Your Content?

Best place to share your content is through your own website and blog posts, as well as social media profiles while always asking visitors to your website to share those documents as well. Furthermore: There are countless content and document sharing sites like and and also, pockets of online communities related to your niche where others will appreciate the content you create for sharing.

Knowing that SEO isn’t about , you shouldn’t create these different file types for increasing your backlink counts, but rather, you should create content that your ideal customers will be interested in and thus, also, use those different file types to include a backlink pointing to your own website.

SEO Tip and Tricks for RankYa Fans

You can also include an outlink to another related URL from within those different file types you create for sharing. This will help determination factors (whether for Adwords or Organic rankings) associating your website with the right relevant content and keywords because it enhances user experience.

Furthermore, knowing that Google is also an , content marketing can also include sharing images on popular image sharing sites like and others. Keep in mind to optimize images before you share them so that Google can understand who created the image, thus, associating further relevance determination information with your content.

Always Remember, as far as links and Google search engine is concerned, content is all that Google can understand (web documents, PDFs, images, videos, MS documents and many others).

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    Awesome Info! Never heard of this earlier. Thanks a lot

    • RankYa

      Great to hear, if anything we should be doing all the right things when content marketing. Such as creating useful content that is easy to consume. Furthermore, the best methods are usually the ones many people don’t utilize, such as PDF sharing (which includes a backlink to your web pages that target competitive keywords

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