SEO and Online Marketing

SEO and Online Marketing


Mastering search engine rankings in today’s world is as easy as it was many years ago, I say that despite Google ranking algorithm changes often, the core concepts and guidelines for SEO is no different to what it was in previous years.

Google search engine is a smart, innovative and also aggressive as a competitor in an online desktop and now mobile search market. You know this, Microsoft knows this and most online marketers and website owners know this as well.

For us to master Google rankings in 2016, you need to first take a step back and re-think about the way you are approaching your on page search engine optimization and also content marketing in general.

Because whether you are in a love or hate relationship with Google, you should understand that Google is operating a business. Similar to your business, it is always looking for ways for improving its products and services (also profits).

And just like Google improving its business, you have to also consider to stay ahead of your competitors.

Think of it this way “Google as a business makes billions of dollars each year” and yet, they are always improving their platforms “Think! Google Adwords Analytics features and user interface” always changing and adapting to modern web usability best practices. So even if you are happy with your online business’s profitability, you have to improve it and find new ways to reach wider audience.

Create Mobile Friendly Websites

Include this line of code in the <head> portion of your web documents

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">

Then, you can use CSS to adjust the size of your block level elements using these common viewport sizes (although there are more precise ways to target mobile devices, use Google Analytics to identify which viewport is used the most by your website visitors). For testing: use Chrome Web Developer Tool (press on F12 on your keyboard and then press on mobile device icon)

@media only screen and (min-width : 1200px) {
/* cater for large monitors and desktop devices here */
@media only screen and (max-width: 992px) {
/* cater for laptop devices here. max-width: 992px means Browser size UPTILL 992px */
@media only screen and (max-width:768px) {
/* cater for Ipads and Tablets here max-width: 768px means Browser size UPTILL 768px */
@media only screen and (max-width:480px), @media only screen and (max-width:320px) {
/* cater for Iphones and smartphones here */

Because mobile friendly websites are ranked higher in Google organic search engine. Why? Because Google wants to provide better user experience for the Asian market (the potential of Asian Countries coming online recently is the next big phase for online dominance) hence Google will reward you for making sure you are onboard helping it achieve its dominance “everyone wins”

Keep in mind that it is Google search engine who your potential customers search every day, so that is why, learning about how to search engine optimize your website according to Google’s strict guidelines are as important now as it was last year, or the year before.

Be First in Organic Search Results

Use HTML5 & Structured Data

If your website isn’t taking advantage of the latest HTML5 web standards. Or semantics such as Structured Data which Google now officially supports. Now is a good time to consider using structured data HTML5 and as your website architecture.
Also, if your website isn’t updated to meet the demands of today’s internet searchers wants and needs for usability and design flow. Then, now is a good time to modernize your website and make sure that it is user friendly as well as mobile device ready.

Social Media Marketing & Links

If your business isn’t taking advantage of social media marketing (particularly and YouTube marketing) then your business is not only missing out on growth, but it’s also losing money big time.

Any type of business, regardless of its size and budget can take advantage of reaching Facebook users through audience based advertising (right to the level of their interest). Furthermore: Facebook Pages have been improving with Call to Actions that are prominently displayed once you draw in potential leads. But do not use social media profiles as a commercial entity for your business, instead, interact and share creatives. Only then should you every now and then offer great deals to your visitors.

Links Hyperlinks Backlinks are all the same

It is hyperlinks that makes the internet world go around and your competitive keywords rank high in Google if original links point towards them. Consider creating content that is of use and sharable (while including just one backlink in that content).

Also, you can increase your link count on your own website by using . Best methods that work for increasing internal linking are that you target long tailed keywords for easy ranking (build authority and relevance), and make those pages/post link towards your important/competitive keyword targeted pages.

That’s SEO & Online Marketing in a nutshell

Keep at it, keep publishing content according to the keyword research techniques I’ve shared with you, because then your website soon will become “the authority” website.

Thank you for learning with RankYa and thank you for sharing this post.

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