Google Webmaster Tools Tutorial - Video Included

Google Webmaster Tools Tutorial

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Made available by Google, Webmaster Tools (GWT) is a platform designed to provide useful insights for website owners so that you can analyze your website’s performance and as a result improve your website’s Google ranking results.

Although I created a which you could reference anytime you want to learn how to use all of the features available in Google Webmaster Tools, due to the recent updates and new features so I decided to provide a quick overview of how you can easily use Google Webmaster and for your own website’s improvement.

Here’s a Free Video Course by RankYa

As you saw in the video that there are additional features for today’s SEO world. Features such as the new AMP () which could instead focus on new content creation because creating AMP version means that your current site will be a complete new website when rendered on AMP. You could instead focus on creating responsive website that just renders on all mobile devices. Or you could perhaps focus on improving your website’s usability and create new fresh content instead of using AMP’s

About Google Webmaster Tools Accelerated Mobile Pages

I believe this new feature corresponds with the latest search results page update. As you know that now the  except

  1. Knowledge Graph results

But that’s just the start, meaning, why kill the goose that lays eggs? Because sidebar ads aren’t relevant in mobile search results page. And that’s where the money is for Google of the future. So the decision to remove the side ads will cost Google (massive losses) but the gains in the future are more important for long term sustainable profits for Google as a business.

What Does This Mean for SEO’s and Google Adwords Customers?

For Adwords PPC customers and local businesses, this is Google’s attempt to win your business so that can be grown for the business community (whether advertisers, or organic ranking dependent small business owners). You just need to get in there and build your knowledge graph for your local business.

For Search Engine Optimizers

You need to focus your attention on targeting keywords a bit more different for keywords with local intent. Meaning, if your are mainly for local search patterns (Country, City, Suburb and the rest as highlighted in ) then you need to consider the implications of Local Business Listing taking the prime screen real estate in Google search results page ()

At the end of the day, using Google Webmaster Tools for SEO is still useful and the must have and use SEO tool for website owners. Got any questions? Leave a comment below.

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