SEO Mistakes to Avoid When Optimizing Your Website

SEO Mistakes to Avoid


It is clear that SEO has changed throughout the years, but has it? What’s changed is Google algorithms determining the low-quality content and also the spam SEO techniques most of the guru’s has been using to trick Google rankings.

So what to do? Avoid at all costs

  • Listening to some so called SEO experts (even if they have been around for years, even if that SEO specialist is RankYa) instead learn about 
  • Avoid campaigns for the sake of SEO, in fact, backlinking is the most misunderstood part of search engine optimization. Basically you have to think outside the box and try to creating and find unique ways to share them (aka Natural Links)
  • Avoid thinking about SEO first before you think about the person who will visit your website and read through your web copy. Meaning, create your content for people and not for search engines. Only then, do your
  • Do not treat your just for the sake of promoting your own products and services, particularly for backlinks. I still see so many site owners using Facebook Business Pages (or YouTube videos for commercials for their businesses) just for backlinks. So do not make that mistake, instead identify what your audience is interested in and learn to share that as well as your own offers. Mix and match to really grow your social media channels
  • Avoid at all cost not paying enough attention to website usability improvements. I have tested this already, and I can guarantee you this “Google in 2017 pays the heaviest weight in terms of ranking algorithms to web sites that keep the visitor duration high” and thus the visitor doesn’t go back to Google to search again (for same, or similar search terms)

It is known that Google organic rankings does help you to tap into the search market scene for bringing what your website needs “people” to grow.

Video Tutorial by RankYa Experience

If you want to exponentially increase your Google rankings and website traffic, its best that your site focuses its attention on targeted content creation that will bring valuable results for many years to come. Thank you for learning with RankYa, got any questions? Comment in the form below. Thanks for sharing this blog post.

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