SEO Course for Google Generative AI Gemini

Unlock Explosive Growth: Master Website Optimization of the Future with this practical search engine optimization for tomorrows Google world.

Struggling to achieve top Google rankings for your local business or eCommerce site? You’re not alone. Most websites are riddled with old SEO techniques that are inefficient for getting top Google ranking results.

Outdated web site optimization practices sabotage your business results. Its time to update for “better results”. websites person illustration Our practical “Website Optimization” course equips you with the knowledge and insights to transform your website into an irresistible Google magnet.

Do keep in mind right now, Google already provides new search experiences, and, is currently testing new transformative features such as Google Search Generative Experiences (SGE) and Generative AI such as Gemini, all of which are changing the entire search results.

With all the latest changes Google made, the train has already left the station. To jump on board so that your business website doesn’t miss out, simply consider:

What You (or Your Web Designer) Can Learn

Note: each video lesson is created to be practical. This means, no confusing techno-jargon, simply, proven mastery insights.

  • Changing Search Cycles (video)
  • Keyword Research and Selection (video)
  • How-to Optimize Local Business Website for Google Generative AI (video)
  • Search Engine Optimization Insights for eCommerce Sites (video)
  • The Most Important Google Search Console Insight – Practically (video)
  • Bonus: Website Conversion Mastery (PDF)

Why You Need This Course

  • Increase website traffic. As a result increase conversions and sales.
  • Be ready and steady for upcoming tsunami of change in Google.
  • Boost brand authority and trust.
  • Gain a competitive edge.
  • Enjoy eternal Google ranking results (both in normal web search, and also, in Search Generative Experience (SGE)).

Who Can Benefit

  • Local Businesses
  • Ecommerce operators
  • Small business owner, solopreneur/entrepreneur managing their own website

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Terms and Conditions

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  • You must make reasonable effort using our proven insights for money back guarantee offer
  • You are also agreeing to not publish, make available public RankYa’s website optimization techniques, SEO trade secrets and or formulas, found within your purchased private course

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