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Hiring RankYa for Google Search Console related issues is similar to having a direct line of access to Google’s own support team.

Did you know that RankYa is a fully qualified web developer (Diploma in Web Development & Advanced Diploma in IT Systems Engineering (Network Administration)). Even digital agencies hire RankYa expertise to fix their clients website errors.

Save Time and Effort

Instead of spending hours sifting through often complex technical documentation and tutorials, you can sit back, relax, and leave fixing Search Console related errors in the trusted expert hands of RankYa. I can quickly identify and fix problems saving you valuable time and effort. sample search console core web vitals report

Get it Done Right the First Time

Learning technical troubleshooting can be a steep learning curve, and mistakes can happen along the way. By hiring RankYa expertise, you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly from the word get-go. No trial and error, just reliable solutions. sample search console performance report

Affordable Yes. Expensive No

Most digital agencies offer FREE yet expensive quotes just to then charge you arm and a leg, I’d prefer you keep both, your arm and your leg. Cheap SEO guru alternatives from freelancer marketplaces may result in poor service, or worse open up your website’s backdoor to malicious code insertion.

Knowing you the small business owner (local business, entrepreneur/solopreneur, mum/dad website operator), you don’t want to waste time nor throw away your hard earned money down the toilet working with so called Google SEO experts. That is why, I’ve devised an unmissable Search Console Service offerings for you to choose from:

Get Expert Advice Actionable Insights $98

Use it for gaining actional insights for improving your website performance in search. Identify new keyword ranking opportunities as well as pathway for gaining fast ranking results. Google Search Console reports drip with juicy business website growth insights for the trained eye.

You will need to grant access to your Google Search Console report (email address will be provided upon order confirmation).

Get Solutions > Troubleshooting $98

Use it for any Google Search Console related errors, for example: Page indexing, Structured Data Errors, Core Web Vitals (LCP, Interaction to Next Paint (INP), CLS errors), manual action recovery, or any other Search Console related errors. Search Console page indexing report showing errors

Once you place your secure order I’ll begin conducting a thorough troubleshooting analysis (using tools such as PageSpeed Insights, Chrome Web Developer Toolbar, Lighthouse, Rich Results Tester and other SEO tools). Then, you will get answers clearly showing you the exact causes, as well as best course of action for fixing the issue you’re experiencing.

You can either send me screenshots of an error you want solutions for, or, you can share the actual report like so: search console report sharing option Importants additional terms for ‘Expert Solutions > Troubleshooting’:

  • This service does not cover fixing the actual problem/s, use it only for error identification so that you (or your web developer) can fix it properly.
  • This service does not cover identification of all Search Console errors, use it only for finding solutions for a particular single error type (for example: LCP errors, or, INP errors, or Structured Data errors, or Page Indexing redirection errors so that you (or your web developer) can fix it quickly.
  • Please do allow at least 2 weeks for work completion, although I usually complete my work within days upon order confirmation.

How to Place Your Order?

Please do first read the service Terms and Conditions (.pdf format).

Your secure order process will be handled by our Merchant Partner Stripe. Your credit card information is not visible to us because we do not process it here on our website. Stripe payments uses best-in-class security practices to maintain a highest level of security for your transaction.

  • Upon completing your secure order process, you’ll be automatically redirected to our order confirmation page to provide your website address and further details.
  • Should you encounter any issues ordering any of our services, please do Contact RankYa and I’ll resolve any issues whatsoever.
  • RankYa trading as ‘Online Expansions’ is proud to be the leader in this field (YouTube 50K+ subscribers. Facebook 145K+ genuine likes) now your business website can also get, better results.
  • To avoid any delays we encourage you to place an order at your earliest convenience.

Press here Get Expert Advice Actionable Insights Press here Get Solutions > Troubleshooting

Google Search Console Service by RankYa is your ticket to error free website that works faster, is more efficient, and ranks higher in Google.