Website Optimization

As an experienced website optimization specialist, I bring wealth of expertise to the table, unmatched digital skillset and understanding of how Google search engine works. Let’s take a look

keyword ideas monthly search volume

Above image shows sample monthly search volumes. When a business website is not optimized in 2024, this means “less website traffic” as a result “less revenue and growth”.

Why RankYa?

  • Digital agencies are just too expensive
  • SEO freelancers from overseas countries usually use spammy techniques (or worse yet, some SEO gurus insert malicious code on the client website)
  • Because honesty and trustworthiness is important for you

When I’m working on my valued client website, experience just flows (Google search experience (Search Console, Ads, Analytics, YouTube), Diploma in Web Development, Advanced Diploma in IT (Network Engineering), ability to use various digital tools (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop) and web server optimization skills. Difference all that will make for your business?

Lightning-Fast Loading Times

Imagine your website loading so swiftly that users won’t even have time to sip their coffee. With my qualified web development skills, I’ll trim down those bloated files, compress images, and streamline code. Your website visitors (and Google rankings) will thank you for the seamless experience. You’ll increase website traffic and website conversions.

SEO Sorcery

Search engines are like a mystical creatures. Fear not! I’ll sprinkle the latest SEO mastery enchantments on your site, ensuring it ranks higher than Saruman’s tower. Unlike amateurish keywords, meta tags, internal linking, your website will standout using RankYa mastery that adheres to Google’s latest requirements including Structured Data for Google’s Rich Results. I’ll cover all of them.

This is the goto guy for SEO. Others promise and do not deliver. If you are a business reading this then you are lucky enough to have found GOLD. Tolga Walks the Walk and Talks the Talk, unlike hundreds of SEO experts before him, Grab him while you can as this will be money well spent. Has done SEO for me and performed 100% above my expectations.

Rich Results Tested valid structured data markup examples

Mobile Wizardry

In this mobile-first-index realm, your website must be responsive across all devices. I’ll weave spells to make your site look stunning on all devices (desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets, and even ancient scrolls (okay, maybe not scrolls)).

Search Console Alchemy

I’ll decipher cryptic runes (read: Google Search Console reports) to reveal critical insights for your business website’s current performance. Which keywords does Google value on your website, which pages do your visitors love? Armed with this knowledge, I’ll fine-tune your site for maximum impact and exponential results.

Search Console core web vital report for mobile device

Conversion Rate Optimization

Want more sales? I’ll mix conversion-boosting elixirs and splash your website with proven to work website optimization techniques. From irresistible Calls-to-Action to hypnoticly colored and optimized landing pages, your visitors won’t be able to resist clicking that “Buy Now” or “Call” button. I will also optimize Theme layout with advanced web development and CSS skills so that your conversion rates soar like a phoenix.

laptop mobile phone

Performance and Security

Shield your castle—err, website—from malicious online trolls and goblins. HTTPS, firewalls, and regular backups? Consider it done. Your website will be safer in trusted hands of RankYa. I’ll optimize your server, website code, and banish 301 Redirection or 500 Internal Server errors. Your website will be faster than Gandalf riding Shadowfax.

User-Experience Charms

User-friendly navigation, intuitive easy to use web forms, and enchanting visuals that match your brand assets—your visitors will feel like they stumbled into a fairy tale. No more lost souls wandering in the digital forest as I will create flawless funnels towards your ultimate objective "Conversions".

What are Your Deliverables?

Currently available only for WordPress CMS & Shopify Stores.

Website optimization is a complex subject and includes improving many areas of a web server and website. To simplify what you’ll be getting: Research (keywords industry customers). Comprehensive website optimization including technical. On-Page, database, HTML code, Website Theme code, Structured Data Schema Markup, and other factors will be fully optimized according to your business.

What are Your Service Rates?

I’ve designed 2 type of website optimization services so that they are affordable even if you have limited budget.

  1. 1 Off Project
  2. Monthly Services

1 Off Project Rates

Service rates for one-off projects are currently discounted by a whopping $1000

  • Website with up to 50 URLs and 50 images cost $1898 (one-off payment)
  • Website with up to 100 URLs and 100 images cost $2498 (one-off payment)
  • Website with up to 100+ URLs inquire for custom quote

Monthly Service Rates

Depending on your project requirements, monthly services starts from $580 per-month (minimum 3 months term).

Before we can work together, please do read our service Terms and Conditions (.PDF format) as you’ll be agreeing to it.

Got a Different Project in Mind?

Ask about a custom package to suit your specific wants and requirements, as I can adjust deliverables to suit your budget, or, add additional items such as Google Analytics setup and analysis, web development, Google Ads Campaign Setup and Management, social media management or anything you can think of, digitally.