SEO Tutorials for Beginners 2019

Search Engine Optimization Techniques Others Don’t Know About. Just starting out online? Or found out that search engine optimization is important for your business website’s growth? Then you are in luck because we will be sharing easy to use useful SEO Tutorials for Beginners in 2019. We would first like to draw your attention to … Continue reading “SEO Tutorials for Beginners 2019”

SEO Tutorials 2019

As always taught in my previous SEO Tutorials, at the heart of search engine optimization is Google Guidelines coupled with simple to use landing pages. This is still the same in 2019. However, in terms of changes, here are RankYa’s top 3 focus areas that you need to focus on to get higher Google rankings … Continue reading “SEO Tutorials 2019”

Yoast SEO XML Sitemap Not Showing in WordPress Dashboard

Hello World, another absolutely bad update for Yoast, WordPress site owners using Yoast SEO Plugin will now not see the XML Sitemap Menu link in the WordPress Dashboard with this Yoast 7.0 major update. That’s because the settings have moved and seems to be hidden. In fact, its like playing Where’s Wally game for children, … Continue reading “Yoast SEO XML Sitemap Not Showing in WordPress Dashboard”