Structured Data for Google Rich Results Course

You too may have noticed that Google search results as of March 2024 has drastically changed, this means great opportunity for your business website because you can now include best of the best Structured Data that will help you enjoy free & eternal website traffic through Google’s Rich Results as well as improve your website’s overall organic rankings.

What Are Google’s Rich Results?

Google in 2024 uses Structured Data to understand the content on your web pages and display the content in a richer appearance in search results. These enhanced results are known as Rich Results. Using Structured Data provides additional context and information to users and search engine alike, making your content more appealing and engaging.

Adding Schema Markup Structured Data not only helps you enjoy free website traffic through Rich Results, it also helps Google to better understand your important keywords and rank them higher in organic results

user interface of Rich Results Tester

Why Should You Care?

  • Visibility: Rich results help gain free website visitors. Increases click-through rates to your website.
  • User Experience: Users appreciate seeing detailed information directly in search results. Increases conversion rates when they visit your website.
  • SEO Benefits: Structured data improves how search engines interpret and represent your content. Improves rankings for target keywords.
  • Websites that do not use Rich Results Structured Data will become hard to find in the near future

Enhancement report critical issue I’ve created the most comprehensive course so that all website owners (regardless of their technical skills) can take advantage of tomorrow’s Google Search results. You’ll also be able to understand and fix Search Console Enhancement Report errors. Here’s how:

Video Course Contents

  • Introduction to Structured Data and Schema Markup
  • Understanding Vocabulary
  • Types of Structured Data
  • Properties and Attributes
  • Identifying HTML Parts and Examples to Insert
  • Implementing Structured Data (without editing theme code)
  • Implementing Structured Data Meta Tags
  • Implementing Structured Data Website / WebPage / WebPageElement (e.g. SiteNavigationElement, WPHeader, WPFooter, WPSideBar)
  • Implementing Structured Data WordPress Examples
  • Implementing Structured Data Shopify Examples
  • Implementing Structured Data LocalBusiness BONUS Video
  • Testing and Validation
  • Rich Snippets and Rich Results
  • Advanced Topics: Extending Schema Markup:
  • Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Outro Video
  • (samples and examples as shown in the private video course sessions)

Rich Results Tested valid structured data markup examples

Why This Private Video Course?

  • Google ranking systems as of March 2024 have drastically changed
  • Improve your business website’s profits due to getting more website traffic and higher click-through-rate

Who Can Benefit?

  • All website owners managing their own website (LocalBusiness, small business or eCommerce)
  • SEO Agencies
  • Web developers

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  • You are also agreeing to not publish, make available public RankYa’s Structured Data optimization techniques, codes and or formulas found within your purchased private course (you are allowed to only use it on your own (or your valued clients) website)

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