How to Get Backlinks to Your Website

Backlink Obtaining Formula

Backlinks are the common term used for hyperlinks , and you need them, in fact, you can never have enough quality and relevant backlinks. Having said that, what determines quality backlinks?

Because if Google Webmaster Guidelines are anything to go by, then you can’t and should not make attempts to obtain backlinks. Because making any attempts to get backlinks may be against .

How Can You Get Links That are Within Google Guidelines?

Its all about your mentality as the website owner, yes, that’s right, Google Guidelines do not state the fact obtaining backlinks are against its guidelines. If you have read the guidelines carefully, then you would have seen that it states:

Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

Important history lesson on Search Engine Optimization tactics of the past

I know you came here to learn about “how you can get backlinks to your site” but this is critically important for you to know:

Long ago in the great battle called the “Google Ranking Wars” all SEO warriors were going crazy over who could get more backlinks (more the merrier, so they thought).

Because some highly intelligent SEO’s reasoned as to think that they could fool the multibillion dollar search engine algorithm ().

So back many years ago, instead of adhering to , SEO’s were getting backlinks with anchor text filled with important keywords.

Surprisingly, in 2016 there are still some service providers selling backlink packages as part of their .

But the funny thing was, without quality backlinks, ranking in Google’s first position was almost impossible. So all of a sudden, there were millions of web directories, article directories created for the sole purpose of selling backlink opportunities.

Backlinks and WWW

Google’s attempt to protect its investment, they introduced and tweaked their algorithms in such way that, there were businesses who actually went bankrupt as a result of Google Panda, the Penguin (and all the other updates in between Google have not announced to general public).

Now in 2016, if you even try to manipulate Google rankings, it is not matter of if Google will catch you, but when. Because it takes bit of time for Google crawling the entire internet (trillions of web documents).

If you want to laugh about SEO nemo’s trying to explain something that they do not understand . However, visit the following links if you want to know and .

Google Needs You

Google isn’t some evil empire, because Google’s customers are you “the website owner” “Adwords Advertiser” “Google Analytics user” “Google Webmaster Tools user” “YouTube channel owners” so it introduced the  to counteract the shady SEO’s hurting the small business community.

So knowing all this, should you get backlinks in 2016?

Yes you should get quality backlinks pointing back to your website. And I just had to give you the above lesson because you will 110% find information about backlinks on other websites who are trying you sell you some absurd idea that the more hyperlinks you have pointing to your website, the better it is. It doesn’t work that way.

Here’s How You Should Get Backlinks

Example: you got your Google+ page? And you post your quality blog post on it (there you got 1 backlink) always try to follow this formula:

For each external website (backlink) -> to your website = 1

Not 2 or 3 backlinks pointing back to your website, but just 1 backlink if you can control it. And always identify content that will be read by real people and stay away from low quality spam websites.

Also: if possible, include 1 outlink on your sharable content, and make it point to another related URL (which compliments your content). And if possible, have that outlink above your own backlink.
For each backlink = diversify anchor text
Anchor Text: is the keywords you use when linking, and regardless of the target keywords, you should diversify your anchor text. For example if How to Get Backlinks was my target keywords, then, I would change the anchor text to be ways to get links to your website and the next backlink would perhaps have anchor text as backlinks and search engine optimization and so on.

Realize that backlinks are natural part of content marketing, and its all to do with “your intent” and your intent when hunting backlinking opportunities should always be focused on the best interest of the content consumer on that external site. That’s the only formula to follow

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10 thoughts on “How to Get Backlinks to Your Website”

  1. Bryant Jafire

    I’m happy to find you via Youtube. Thanks for providing quality information. I am new to SEO, backlinks and websites. Do you have any info on PBN?
    Thanks again

    1. RankYa RankYa

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      PBN should be treated just like any other website, original and useful content and if you can have it on different (hosting) and even different domains depending on your target location. You can use tools like expired domains to identify recently deleted domains with quality backlink from diverse IP range and then check Google to see if its still in index, if so, register the domain and quickly put up a site (volia) you got a new domain for your PBN which also has quality backlinks (basically work smarter but not harder) and as always check out the premium courses by #RankYa as I teach everything about search engine optimization for #Google and online marketing in general, thanks Bryant for the comment (new content is coming soon)

  2. Abhishek kumar

    I posted a article: omitted and its keyword is “generate unlimited reliance jio barcode” . But this keyword is not ranking anywhere in the google. I have checked with semrush tool and it is not even found in google 😞
    After typing keyword with my blog domain like “Generate unlimited reliance jio barcode trickweek” then it is at first page. Previously many posts of mine are in 1st ,2nd page but this post is not even ranking with the keyword or with the whole title. What is the problem ? Please answer 🙂

    1. RankYa RankYa

      72 / 259 Malvern Rd Melbourne VIC Australia 3141

      +61421600702 $$

      I don’t know, but I would encourage you to share that post on your social profiles and diversify your anchor text back to that post, or better yet, create a short video and link back to that post as I see many videos are showing for that search term more videos are on #RankYa YouTube channel can be found here and #Google #SEO masterclass teaches everything about backlinks which are needed to rank competitive keywords

  3. vivek joshi

    Respected Sir,

    I have been watching your videos , You have so much indepth knowledge regarding anything on the web, thats great sir. I admire you as you speak your presentation skills and to give the customers good ideas regarding the web. I am a newbie in blogging I need your suggestions for my site.
    I have original content and wish to earn some money by putting adsense ads on it. I have not posted my website any where till as per your advice but how to get visitors to my site if people dont know my site. I do follow Quora and reditt where people post their sites. How can i get traffic to my site Legal way. Please help.

    Your Help is highly appreciated

    1. RankYa RankYa

      72 / 259 Malvern Rd Melbourne VIC Australia 3141

      +61421600702 $$

      If you are wanting to earn money from AdSense, then, simply work on your site by putting out content (the sooner the better) and have at least 30 posts published, verify your site in Search Console, use images correctly and have privacy policy. Don’t spend too much time reading reddit or Quora or else where, instead, focus on your ideal customer (search Google, find long tailed keywords to begin with (answer the ideal customers question on your website)) create content which is easy to optimize you could do this within days. Once again focus on your site content, when you are ready to AdSense comment back here. (whatever you do, do NOT listen to those so called experts about backlinks, instead finalize your site and comment back here) till then, enjoy your publishing :-)

  4. sahil

    Thank you rankya

    1. RankYa RankYa

      72 / 259 Malvern Rd Melbourne VIC Australia 3141

      +61421600702 $$

      Great Sahil, I see you are putting effort into your posts, keep up the good work

  5. Avtar singh

    wao …… how much this was important i cannot describe it… thank you so much for this article because it give me a new idea to boost my business thanks again!!

    1. RankYa RankYa

      72 / 259 Malvern Rd Melbourne VIC Australia 3141

      +61421600702 $$

      Great to hear it Avtar, I am updating the site with fresh content soon (very interesting SEO insights will be shared) till then thank you for spreading the word about RankYa SEO and Online Marketing.

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