Introduction What is WordPress

If you never used WordPress before and wondering what it is, then, simply  remember that WordPress is an open source (original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified) web site Content Management System. WordPress is maintained by a global community of its users. People behind WordPress is Automattic Inc. Who Started WordPress?… Continue reading Introduction What is WordPress

Advanced Structured Data Markup Concepts

Intended audience: HTML/HTML5 CSS coders, script developers (PHP, JSP, SQL), Web Developers and Google SEO specialists, and anyone else who needs to better understand what Structured Data is and how it can be used on a website. Samples mainly will be based on WordPress CMS but any type of CMS can benefit from this blog… Continue reading Advanced Structured Data Markup Concepts

How to Fix Contact Form 7 Configuration Errors

Using the popular Contact form 7 WordPress Plugin? The latest update has a new feature called “Validating the Contact Form 7” It seems that the Contact Form 7 plugin author has not clearly explained how to resolve configuration errors. If you are seeing “This contact form has a configuration error.” messages and want to fix them, here’s… Continue reading How to Fix Contact Form 7 Configuration Errors

WordPress Security Plugins

Why would you use WordPress security plugins? What a silly question right? Because the obvious answer is that you want to have a secure WordPress site while making hacker’s job harder. The reason I started with that question is because “regardless of which security plugin you choose to use” relying on plugins alone can never… Continue reading WordPress Security Plugins

How to Create a Business Website Using WordPress

The smartest decision you can make when creating a business website is choosing to use self installed WordPress Content Management System. Because most business owners (big or small) are already finding WordPress CMS very easy to use and also Google loves WordPress built sites. Although blogging is important part for any type of business, WordPress offers… Continue reading How to Create a Business Website Using WordPress