WordPress Widgets

You can think of WordPress Widget like little windows on a house, giving you the ability to present to your website visitors different elements such as your latest Posts, Calendars, Categories, Pages or many other things you create using WordPress’s built-in widgets, or you can even create your own custom Widgets. Let’s Explore WordPress Widgets Recent… Continue reading WordPress Widgets

WordPress Media Links Comments Tools

WordPress CMS allows users to maintain different type of content seamlessly. Furthermore, WordPress allows you to use tools (usually plugins) easily as well. And you can find WordPress plugin to do almost anything that you want. WordPress Media Library Your media library default settings are designed to give you options such as quickly setting the… Continue reading WordPress Media Links Comments Tools

WordPress Dashboard

WordPress dashboard is the first screen that you will see once you login to your WordPress built website. You can think of your WordPress Dashboard as a control panel to quickly navigate through your website’s settings. WordPress CMS’s popularity is due to its simple user interface options, throughout the many years, this simple design for… Continue reading WordPress Dashboard

How to Install WordPress in cPanel

There are many different ways to install WordPress using cPanel ™ and the easiest option is to use Installatron (1 Click web application installer) which most modern web hosting service providers make available part of cPanel. All you have to do is login to your web hosting account and find cPanel. One Click Apps are easiest… Continue reading How to Install WordPress in cPanel

How to Secure Your WordPress Website from Hackers

WordPress is one of the best content management systems on planet earth because its open source and used by millions. This very reasons creates security problems for most website owners. Because hackers know that WordPress sites are in their millions, so if they can find one security hole in this popular open source Content Management System (CMS)… Continue reading How to Secure Your WordPress Website from Hackers