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Adding Structured Data to our website should be on your to-do list moving forward in Google domination world. Why? Because Google supports and prominently displays Structured Data for various data types. In fact, Google encourages website owners to use Structured Data and has a section in Search Console dedicated to this (Structured Data Report). Having… Continue reading Examples SiteNavigationElement

Google Search Console Structured Data

Structured Data markup is how your website is coded using various semantics such as JSON-LD or Microdata. Both can be thought as vocabulary that machines (computers, search engines, user-agents) can understand and use for various reasons. Google Search Console Rich result Enhancements reports is there for website owners to analyze their website markup. Now that… Continue reading Google Search Console Structured Data

Advanced Structured Data Markup Concepts

Did you know that you can do much more with Structured Data Schema Markup than what most SEO’s are telling you? For example: now moving forward to today’s Google Mobile First Index World, you have featured snippets. Although Google help section says this: How can I mark my page as a featured snippet? You can’t.… Continue reading Advanced Structured Data Markup Concepts

Google Structured Data With Examples

If your website is verified in Google Webmaster Tools (also known as Google Search Console) then you may have noticed the menu link for Structured Data. What is Structured Data? Structured Data can be thought of grouping and tagging HTML web page elements (for example BlogPosting, Products, or Reviews) so that search engine algorithms can better… Continue reading Google Structured Data With Examples