Adding New Users to WordPress

Whatever type of website you would like to create, WordPress can cater for it. Want a personal blog, or full blown eCommerce site? Or even a Membership site is easy to create with WordPress. Let’s imagine you are creating a forum or a membership site where you want other people to create their profiles and… Continue reading Adding New Users to WordPress

WordPress Plugins

With over 50000+ plugins in WordPress Plugins Depository you are sure to find one that will streamline your content publishing and also add value to your website. Because the popularity of open source can be seen through the use of WordPress Plugins and also because you can modify these plugins to cater for your websites specific… Continue reading WordPress Plugins

WordPress Pages

The perfect example for using WordPress pages are for About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions page and others that won’t usually change on your site, and they do not require information such as Date and Author information attached to them like WordPress blog posts. Video Showing WordPress Pages WordPress Page Attributes… Continue reading WordPress Pages

WordPress Categories

Category as the name suggests, is an option for you to group related content together. And WordPress Categories makes everything easy to group and manage your content. Best Practices When Creating WordPress Categories for SEO It is paramount that you envision how your website will grow in to the future as you publish more and… Continue reading WordPress Categories

WordPress Settings

The settings available are for you to set defaults according to your preferences. WordPress Settings by default are: General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalinks settings in your WordPress Dashboard. Note: if you install certain WordPress Plugins, then, they may also add new settings options for those plugins. Video Lesson Showing WordPress Settings Most Important Setting for SEO… Continue reading WordPress Settings

How to Install WordPress in cPanel

There are many different ways to install WordPress using cPanel ™ and the easiest option is to use Installatron (1 Click web application installer) which most modern web hosting service providers make available part of cPanel. All you have to do is login to your web hosting account and find cPanel. One Click Apps are easiest… Continue reading How to Install WordPress in cPanel

Domain and Web Hosting

One of the most misunderstood part of running a successful online business is the domain name and web hosting packages that will host that domain name. Why? Because your domain name represents your business online, and it will stay with you for a long time while you are building your online presence. That means, you… Continue reading Domain and Web Hosting