How to Create a Membership Site with WordPress

Creating a membership site in WordPress for free is as easy as installing and activating a membership plugins. There are many freely available plugins as well as paid membership plugins for WordPress. Video sessions details setting up a membership site using Paid Memberships Pro Plugin with many free add ons as well as premium add… Continue reading How to Create a Membership Site with WordPress

How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress

WordPress makes it easy for you to quickly create your own custom child themes for customizing your themes to meet your own website needs. In this step by step video tutorial, I show you how to create a child theme using twentyfifteen theme while using the best practices for Theme Development. Video Tutorial Showing How… Continue reading How to Create a Child Theme in WordPress

How to Create Custom Widgets in WordPress

Creating your own custom widgets in WordPress can be accomplished using two different options, and they are: Easy option: by creating sidebar widgets Complex option: by creating plugins using the Widgets API Video Showing Easy Option for Creating Custom Widgets in WordPress Think of WordPress Widgets as  adding new content and features to be displayed anywhere… Continue reading How to Create Custom Widgets in WordPress

WordPress CMS File Structure

If you are operating a website built on WordPress, then eventually you will need to modify certain files or fix certain issues related to your Theme or Plugins. This included video tutorial shows WordPress file structure of wordpress as well as show you its Database structure. WordPress File Structure Although you can actually change file… Continue reading WordPress CMS File Structure

WordPress Widgets

You can think of WordPress Widget like little windows on a house, giving you the ability to present to your website visitors different elements such as your latest Posts, Calendars, Categories, Pages or many other things you create using WordPress’s built-in widgets, or you can even create your own custom Widgets. Let’s Explore WordPress Widgets Recent… Continue reading WordPress Widgets

Adding New Users to WordPress

Whatever type of website you would like to create, WordPress can cater for it. Want a personal blog, or full blown eCommerce site? Or even a Membership site is easy to create with WordPress. Let’s imagine you are creating a forum or a membership site where you want other people to create their profiles and… Continue reading Adding New Users to WordPress

WordPress Plugins

With over 50000+ plugins in WordPress Plugins Depository you are sure to find one that will streamline your content publishing and also add value to your website. Because the popularity of open source can be seen through the use of WordPress Plugins and also because you can modify these plugins to cater for your websites specific… Continue reading WordPress Plugins