SEO Copywriting Simplified

Writing web copy that converts more, and writing web copy that also gets higher Google rankings is called SEO Copywriting. Great content creation where you pass on your own unique voice, marry that with precise keyword insertion for Google rankings will bring better results no doubt. Don’t make an honest mistake by listening to me,… Continue reading SEO Copywriting Simplified

SEO Insights You Didn’t Know About

The field of Search Engine Optimization (also known as SEO) is interesting and can also be rewarding for online businesses. Because its very easy to optimize websites when you understand what Google is trying to accomplish “provide relevant results” which keeps everyone happy including the Google Ads customers. How Google came to dominate the search market is… Continue reading SEO Insights You Didn’t Know About

Make the Web Faster

Fast loading web pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. This is proven by the usability tests and research data straight from Google. As you would agree that it  makes perfect sense, because a typical searcher is accustomed to get lighting fast results when searching. In fact, to a degree that when visitors land… Continue reading Make the Web Faster

Is Your Website Dead End Street

Have you ever asked yourself why Wikipedia shows up in the first page of Google search results? Almost for all search queries conducted in Google, you will see Wikipediain the first page (usually first position). Considering this, we may say that Wikipedia has a lot of textual content, and that’s why it ranks high in Google. But… Continue reading Is Your Website Dead End Street

How To Name Your Images for Better Google Ranking

Since Google is a search engine for images, it has image publishing guidelines to consider and follow.  This blog post highlights image SEO experience that comes from optimizing countless images throughout the years working for my valued clients. That means, no other Dick or Harry can enlighten you about image optimization like RankYa can. You’ll see. Today… Continue reading How To Name Your Images for Better Google Ranking