What is Cumulative Layout Shift CLS

Core Web Vitals being part of the new Page Experience algorithm update are the most important user experience metrics that Google recommends you focus on. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is one of these metrics. CLS measures the cumulative score of all unexpected layout shifts that occur between when the page starts loading and when its… Continue reading What is Cumulative Layout Shift CLS

How to Add Structured Data to Your Website

You want your website and business to become even more profitable moving forward, that is why, adding Structured Data to your website should be on your to-do list for search engine optimization. This is an advanced SEO topic. I’ll be sharing some examples particularly for WordPress site. However, regardless of the CMS you are using… Continue reading How to Add Structured Data to Your Website

Google Search Console Structured Data

Structured Data markup is how your website is coded using various semantics such as JSON-LD or Microdata. Both can be thought as vocabulary that machines (computers, search engines, user-agents) can understand and use for various reasons. Google Search Console Rich result Enhancements reports is there for website owners to analyze their website markup. Now that… Continue reading Google Search Console Structured Data

How Does Google See Your Site

Knowing how Google sees your web site can help you to better optimize your web pages for higher Google ranking results. So what happens each time Google visits your website? Googlebot: is the name given to Google’s web crawling user agent (also known as web spiders that access your website) Google Crawl Process Simplified Googlebot… Continue reading How Does Google See Your Site

HTML5 Tutorial for Beginners

HTML5 is built on Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), so let’s first make that distinction so that your learning in the future can be built on strong foundations. HTML5 however now offers you better semantics¬†and that’s the future of the World Wide Web (meaningful web pages) particularly with major search engines like Google now officially supporting… Continue reading HTML5 Tutorial for Beginners

SEO Copywriting Simplified

Writing web copy that converts more, and writing web copy that also gets higher Google rankings is called SEO Copywriting. Great content creation where you pass on your own unique voice, marry that with precise keyword insertion for Google rankings will bring better results no doubt. Don’t make an honest mistake by listening to me,… Continue reading SEO Copywriting Simplified