What is Largest Contentful Paint LCP

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is user-centric metric for measuring perceived load speed. From the initial page load start time to the point when the page’s main content has likely loaded. Fast Largest Contentful Paint loading assures the user that the page is useful and loads reasonably fast. Perceived load speed: how quickly a page can… Continue reading What is Largest Contentful Paint LCP

Core Web Vitals 2021

This year 2021 Google has changed its algorithm in a HUGE way, gradually rolling out a major algorithm update called Page Experience Update. Core Web Vitals are part of that update. What are Core Web Vitals? Part of Google’s Page Experience Update, Core Web Vitals are minimum requirements that Google wants from websites. Its a… Continue reading Core Web Vitals 2021

Google Page Experience Algorithm Update 2021

Latest Google Algorithm update (announced Thursday, May 28, 2020) and gradually rolling out to all users globally from mid-June 2021 and completely becomes in affect by end of August 2021 called Page Experience Update includes set of signals (Core Web Vitals, HTTPS, Mobile Friendliness, Safe-browsing, and interstitials) built upon current Google ranking factors. Core Web… Continue reading Google Page Experience Algorithm Update 2021

How to Increase Business and Website Visibility

Most people believe that traditional form of advertising is no longer working as it once was. Whether you are a small business owner or a large eCommerce site operator, you know the importance of social media marketing. After all everyone is talking about it. You may have even tried Facebook or Google Ads, or hired… Continue reading How to Increase Business and Website Visibility

Mystery Surfer

Its rather interesting that you, I, your potential valued customers, and almost everyone has became a surfer on planet earth. In Australia, we are a lucky bunch surrounded by crisp fresh and beautiful oceans. Naturally, we Aussies love playing in water and the waves that come with it. Of course, you didn’t come here to… Continue reading Mystery Surfer

How To Resolve 301 Moved Permanently Error

There could be many reasons for a web server to not be able to send correct response codes including 301 Moved Permanently. It could be wrong PHP coding, database collation or character encoding, web server not following Symbolic Links amongst others. That is why, I can’t tell most of you how you can fix all… Continue reading How To Resolve 301 Moved Permanently Error

How to Redirect Expired Domain

Expired domains are popular amongst some search engine optimization experts due to some expired domains having quality backlink profiles. Although there can be various different scenarios for redirecting an expired domain let me share the most common way to 301 redirect an expired domain. You’ll need the Name Server of the website you want to… Continue reading How to Redirect Expired Domain