How to Add Markup to WordPress

Structured Data is now official, its not going anywhere because Google not only recommends site owners to use it, Google algorithms understand Structured Data found on websites. What is Structured Data? Structured Data is a method of using vocabularies such as Microdata or Microformats or JSON-LD to markup your web page content so that… Continue reading How to Add Markup to WordPress

How to Use Structured Data Testing Tool

Google has made new changes to its Structured Data testing tool because of the new features such as Rich Cards focusing on mobile devices user experience. Google also renamed Rich Snippets to reflect these latest changes, now Snippets are called Rich Results. Rich Cards are for mobile devices Search result features are for all devices, mobile desktop… Continue reading How to Use Structured Data Testing Tool

How to Use Schema Markup for SEO

Internet and technology that fuels it evolves, now mobile device usage to access the internet is the new reality. Search engine market being the most profitable for giants like Google, Bing and others must also evolve to meet the demands of today’s internet users. All this allows search engines like Google, Microsoft, Yandex and Bing to… Continue reading How to Use Schema Markup for SEO

Google Webmaster Tools Rich Cards

Google has now introduced Rich Cards feature in Webmaster Tools giving site owners the ability to markup their site using Rich Cards. It is not a matter of if mobile will be the future of internet users finding information online, because its already here, you are living in and also competing in a digital economy, and your… Continue reading Google Webmaster Tools Rich Cards

HTML5 Tutorial for Beginners

HTML5 is built on Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), so let’s first make that distinction so that your learning in the future can be built on strong foundations. HTML5 however now offers you better semantics and that’s the future of the World Wide Web (meaningful web pages) particularly with major search engines like Google now officially supporting… Continue reading HTML5 Tutorial for Beginners