How to Add Markup to WordPress

Structured Data is now official, its not going anywhere because Google not only recommends site owners to use it, Google algorithms understand Structured Data found on websites. What is Structured Data? Structured Data is a method of using vocabularies such as Microdata or Microformats or JSON-LD to markup your web page content so that… Continue reading How to Add Markup to WordPress

WordPress Power Tips and Tricks

WordPress no doubt is one of the best content management systems on the planet. Rise & popularity of WordPress can be seen in WordPress users produce about 59.3 million new posts each month and this number is growing exponentially. So knowing how to use the tool that your online business is built upon is only smart. Let me showcase… Continue reading WordPress Power Tips and Tricks

How to Speed Up a WordPress Site

There are many different options for speeding up a WordPress built site. The best and most effective technique for serving fast loading pages is through a premium web hosting that you can host your media files through dedicated servers using Solid State Drive (SSD) with enough RAM computational power. Your choices: Dedicated Servers (most expensive)… Continue reading How to Speed Up a WordPress Site