How to Fix Mobile Usability Errors

You are┬á now living in Google Mobile First Index ranking World, that means the new Google Search Console Mobile Usability Report should not show any errors when you want to see higher Google rankings. Although #RankYa how to video tutorials are aimed at simplifying Google, WordPress and digital marketing, this particular tutorial on How to … Continue reading “How to Fix Mobile Usability Errors”

Google Search Console Structured Data

Structured Data markup is how your website is coded using various semantics such as JSON-LD or Microdata. Both can be thought as vocabulary that machines (computers, search engines, user-agents) can understand and use for various reasons. Google Search Console Structured Data report is there for website owners to analyze their website markup. Now that we … Continue reading “Google Search Console Structured Data”

Google Search Console Crawl Stats

Google’s ability to fetch and crawl web pages is incredibly fast and efficient, the crawl stats provides insights for Pages Crawled Per Day Kilobytes downloaded per day This option will show you how much Kilobytes (thousand bytes) has been downloaded while crawling your web pages Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds) Time in milliseconds … Continue reading “Google Search Console Crawl Stats”