SEO Copywriting Simplified

Writing web copy that converts more, and writing web copy that also gets higher Google rankings is called SEO Copywriting. Great content creation where you pass on your own unique voice, marry that with precise keyword insertion for Google rankings will bring better results no doubt. Don’t make an honest mistake by listening to me,… Continue reading SEO Copywriting Simplified

Make the Web Faster

Fast loading web pages lead to higher visitor engagement, retention, and conversions. This is proven by the usability tests and research data straight from Google. As you would agree that it  makes perfect sense, because a typical searcher is accustomed to get lighting fast results when searching. In fact, to a degree that when visitors land… Continue reading Make the Web Faster

How Do I Become a SEO Specialist

Briefly, you must enjoy working with computers, and also, the learning curve requires effort and determination as there are many things you must learn to become a expert who can assist business website owners. Search engine optimization is not what you think. Let me make this assumption: you asked Google questions similar to how to… Continue reading How Do I Become a SEO Specialist

Why You Must Search Engine Optimize

Who doesn’t have a website today? But to get people finding your website, you have limited options such as social media marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and organic search engine rankings. Website Without SEO To attract visitors, you have to advertise, and if you have been advertising for a while, then you know full well… Continue reading Why You Must Search Engine Optimize

How to Rank for a Keyword Fast

Have you been looking for ways to rank your keywords FAST? If so when thinking about ranking keywords in Google, all you have to do is, first identify keywords related to your industry by conducting thorough keyword research. Once you identify some keywords to target, then simply know that to rank keywords quickly, all you then have to do… Continue reading How to Rank for a Keyword Fast