WordPress Media Links Comments Tools

WordPress CMS allows users to maintain different type of content seamlessly. Furthermore, WordPress allows you to use tools (usually plugins) easily as well. And you can find WordPress plugin to do almost anything that you want. WordPress Media Library Your media library default settings are designed to give you options such as quickly setting the… Continue reading WordPress Media Links Comments Tools

WordPress Pages

The perfect example for using WordPress pages are for About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions page and others that won’t usually change on your site, and they do not require information such as Date and Author information attached to them like WordPress blog posts. Video Showing WordPress Pages WordPress Page Attributes… Continue reading WordPress Pages

WordPress Posts and Post Types

WordPress Posts are used for blog entries that you create in WordPress CMS, they differ from pages in a sense that they contains date, category, tag and the author details associated with them. Video Explaining What WordPress Posts Are Posts in WordPress Think of WordPress Posts as blogging portion of your WordPress site. WordPress Posts… Continue reading WordPress Posts and Post Types

WordPress Categories

Category as the name suggests, is an option for you to group related content together. And WordPress Categories makes everything easy to group and manage your content. Best Practices When Creating WordPress Categories for SEO It is paramount that you envision how your website will grow in to the future as you publish more and… Continue reading WordPress Categories

WordPress Posts vs WordPress Pages

I don’t know about you but I found it difficult to understand the difference between WordPress Posts compared to WordPress Pages. Why? Because they both created Web Pages. WordPress Posts Important part of content publishing is blogging, and creating web pages. The difference between WP posts and WP pages is that Posts are used for… Continue reading WordPress Posts vs WordPress Pages

WordPress Settings

The settings available are for you to set defaults according to your preferences.¬†WordPress Settings by default are: General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalinks settings in your WordPress Dashboard. Note:¬†if you install certain WordPress Plugins, then, they may also add new settings options for those plugins. Video Lesson Showing WordPress Settings Most Important Setting for SEO… Continue reading WordPress Settings

WordPress Dashboard

WordPress dashboard is the first screen that you will see once you login to your WordPress built website. You can think of your WordPress Dashboard as a control panel to quickly navigate through your website’s settings. WordPress CMS’s popularity is due to its simple user interface options, throughout the many years, this simple design for… Continue reading WordPress Dashboard