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Because Top Google Rankings is extra sweet when your customers find you for FREE to do business. Since Google is the most used search engine on planet earth, I teach you how to fully optimize your WordPress website for top Google rankings.

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Course Contents

SEO Course Intro

In this video lesson, we begin by understanding how Google search engine and algorithms work. The importance of using the right words for Google and Search Engine Optimization.

Mobile First Indexing

Here I simplify what Google mobile first indexing means. You’ll also learn the 4 areas of optimization for mobile first indexing.

SEO Trade Secrets

In this video session, I share with you proven to work trade secrets for Local Business SEO, Blogging and eCommerce site. How to make your money-making pages stand out for higher rankings

Speculative Optimization Techniques Simplified

Using the latest browser technology for improving loading of WordPress sites is what speculative optimization techniques are. (Includes RankYa’s own custom WordPress codes that simplifies the process).

Advanced Techniques — PageSpeed Optimization Part 1

Note: these are advanced techniques.

Using WordPress caching plugins for SEO? That is not how you meant to optimize a WordPress site for page load time improvements. Instead, by using RankYa techniques, you can HALF the page load times. (Includes RankYa’s own custom WordPress codes that simplifies the process).

Advanced Techniques — PageSpeed Optimization Part 2

Note: these are advanced techniques.

In a world where Google demands fast loading pages means that we must improve page load times. In this Part 2 serious I show you how to do just that for lighting fast WordPress

Landing Page Optimization > Selecting Keywords

If words are the only true currency only, then, I show you how to select the right words to target and rank in Google.

Landing Page Optimization > On Page SEO Step by Step

Continuing from our previous video session, you can now see exactly the formulas for landing page optimization. Steps and procedures that are easy to use for best possible ranking outcomes.

Landing Page Optimization > Image Optimization

Did you know that you actually do not optimize images per se? Instead, image optimization must reinforce the ranking of selected keywords. This is how

Landing Page Optimization > Image Optimization

Did you know that you actually do not optimize images per se? Instead, image optimization must reinforce the ranking of selected keywords. I show you how to image SEO using simple techniques without any expensive tools.

Image SEO Using Photoshop

Using Adobe Photoshop? Let me show you how to use Photoshop for image optimization for the web. Note: you do not need Adobe Photoshop for image SEO

SEO Course Outro

BONUS Content

WordPress Indexation Controls ++ MetaKeywords (including WooCommerce Samples)

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Who Can Benefit

Although this course is created to benefit all types of Websites. Lessons are shown using WordPress Content Management System. Furthermore, we shared sample codes which will only work on WordPress. Basically, you’ll benefit from this course if you are:

  • WordPress site owner
  • SEO student
  • SEO Specialist
  • Web Developer wanting to learn SEO
  • Small business owner managing their own website

Terms and Conditions

  • All videos are formatted using MP4 format
  • All videos are to be downloaded within 14 days of access
  • All videos are rendered in HD
  • Any and all videos labelled private (usually purchased through paid SEO Course/s) must not be shared, nor published (online or otherwise).
  • All private videos we created are Copyrighted by us.
  • You are agreeing to not make available public, sell, modify, edit, or share our private videos.
  • You are also agreeing to not publish and make available public RankYa custom codes, SEO techniques, and or formulas.

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