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SEO Tactics


You know how important inlinks / are for your own Google rankings right? But what you may not be aware of is the SEO tactics that are still relevant (in fact, it will always be relevant as long as internet is around) is something called “OutLinking

Out Linking

Outlink basically means that your web pages are linking out to relevant resources that add value to the content you create on your web pages (or blog posts). Keyword there is “adds value and compliments your content” (not just linking to Wikipedia). Because after all, you create content for the best interest of your website visitors and not for Google right?

Having said that, Google has strict  that you need to be aware of if you don’t want to wake up to a nightmare of seeing your site disappearing from Google search results. However, you can indeed use outlinking as an SEO technique as long as your mentality and purpose of linking out isn’t to manipulate Google rankings, but rather, add value to your content through outlinking.

Hyperlinks and the World Wide Web

Hyperlinks and the World Wide Web illustrates the World Wide Web by featuring multiple lines connected together behind a Magnifying Glass and a website icon

are a natural part of the Eco System called The Internet (inter linked network of web resources) World Wide Web (web of links) so thus, if you want your website to play its part in that ecosystem as a normal law abiding internet citizen, then you my friend, need to learn how to outlink to relevant resources.

Now that you know the importance of outlink to gain higher Google organic ranking results for your important keywords, make sure you start using them appropriately. Thank you for learning with me and sharing this rather unknown SEO tactic that you can confidently use for your organic rankings. Note: blog posts are a great way to outlink to related to resources that aren’t competing with your website.

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