Search Engine Optimization Tips

This is a RankYa Fan special blog post showing you Search Engine Optimization tips for top Google rankings. SEO Tip 1 = Schema Markup Structured Data for Local Business When adding schema markup for a Local Business, only add the Structured Data on home page, contact us page and about us page. If the business… Continue reading Search Engine Optimization Tips

SEO Tutorials and Tips for 2022

Each year there is always the usual noise and confusion amongst SEO circles about what Google wants from websites. And yet, the only thing that has really changed are 2 things. Page Experience Update Advanced Search Results (Rich Results) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Before 2022 Since its beginning of time, Google always had guidelines for… Continue reading SEO Tutorials and Tips for 2022

What are XML Sitemaps? Best Practices for Google SEO

XML Sitemaps are basically a map of a website. There are countless tools and online XML Sitemap generators which simplify creation of XML Sitemaps. But what about best practices for Google and SEO? This is where the confusion arises in SEO circles, because most people learn from other search engine optimizers with NO or little… Continue reading What are XML Sitemaps? Best Practices for Google SEO

What is nofollow noreferrer noopener

Understanding what nofollow noreferrer noopener and how to correctly use them is important. Especially when many so called HTML or SEO experts suggest misinformation about what these HTML tags do. nofollow noreferrer noopener are HTML Link Types These HTML attributes are called link types. Which basically instructs user-agents (browsers, web crawler bots, search engines etc.)… Continue reading What is nofollow noreferrer noopener

How to LAZY LOAD Images. The Easy Way

I still see many so called SEO experts confusing the website owner community showing you complex methods such as JavaScript Coding or Intersection Observer API to trigger image to load when in viewport. But you really do not need to go to all that trouble in todays internet world, because most modern browsers have built… Continue reading How to LAZY LOAD Images. The Easy Way

How 301 Redirect Affects Search Engine Optimization

In terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), 301 redirects can become rather important depending on what URL you want to use it on. 301 Moved Permanently response headers are important in a sense that if Google search engine bot tries to visit the old URL but can not find it, then, it can not show… Continue reading How 301 Redirect Affects Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

At the heart of everything you do on your website are KEYWORDS. You use them to communicate to your website visitors, you use them to offer services or sell products. Without words, there can be no internet nor business website marketing. How to SEO Keyword Research SEO Keyword Research Tools There are many paid keyword… Continue reading Keyword Research