Google Webmaster Tools Rich Cards

Google has now introduced Rich Cards feature in Webmaster Tools giving site owners the ability to markup their site using Rich Cards. It is not a matter of if mobile will be the future of internet users finding information online, because its already here, you are living in and also competing in a digital economy, and your… Continue reading Google Webmaster Tools Rich Cards

Landing Page Optimization for SEO

What is Landing Page Optimization? Landing pages are web pages that you can modify and optimize for better results. Whether the objective is for higher Google rankings, or whether you want higher conversions rates. Ideally, landing page optimization is your ability to create quality web pages so that the visitors to your site can have a better… Continue reading Landing Page Optimization for SEO

Meta Tags for SEO

What is a HTML Meta Tag? The <meta> element represents various kinds of metadata that cannot be expressed using the title, base, link, style, and script elements. Think of Meta elements (or meta tags) as Metadata “information understood by and visible to search engines and bots”. It is part of The Resource Description Framework (by… Continue reading Meta Tags for SEO

Creating Web Page Titles for SEO

Don’t be mislead by the blog post being named as Creating Web Page Titles for SEO, because, HTML Titles are part of w3 standards as opposed to creating and using them for SEO purposes only. What is HTML TITLE Element? The title of a document is specified by the TITLE element. The TITLE element should occur in… Continue reading Creating Web Page Titles for SEO

SEO Friendly URL Structure

One of the most important signals your web pages sends to Google search engine is the URL structure. Knowing this, always include your most important keywords in the URL portion of your web pages. What is URL Structure? URL (uniform resource locator (also known as URI uniform resource identifier)) structure is the way you name and… Continue reading SEO Friendly URL Structure

How to Rank Higher on Google

On this blog post I will provide insights for websites that are already indexed and are ranking high on Google search engine. Easiest way to rank higher in Google is to first determine what it values on the website, and then begin with creating related / complimentary content. Let us begin with the basics. Search… Continue reading How to Rank Higher on Google

How Google Web Crawler Works

Have you ever wanted to know how Google’s web crawlers sees your web pages? Curious about what happens when Google requests a web page? If so, let’s learn about the Crawling process of Google search engine. Since Google is a search engine for many different media type, it also has different crawlers for different purposes.… Continue reading How Google Web Crawler Works