How to Do Keyword Research for SEO

At the heart of everything that you do on internet are “Keywords”. Without words, there is no internet. Without using the words, there is no website conversions. For search engine optimization, no one can ignore the importance of selecting the right keywords. Before we begin, simply download the SEO PDF document as it contains extremely important knowledge… Continue reading How to Do Keyword Research for SEO

Search Engine Optimization Tools

There are countless number of SEO tools available in today’s internet marketing scene, some are FREE, and some are simply either too complex and unaffordable for most website owners. So here are some of the search engine optimisation tools you can begin to use when optimizing your website for it to rank in Google’s organic rankings. There… Continue reading Search Engine Optimization Tools

How Does Google Read Web Pages

Search engines are just that “codes” and Google has advanced algorithms. What happens is that Google’s web crawling programs (also known as Googlebot) will request an URLs (or, URI, Uniform Resource Identifiers, as in address of a web document) and fetch URL and sort through the contents within the requested URL. This URL can be bring many different file… Continue reading How Does Google Read Web Pages


What is Search Engine Optimization? SEO short for Search Engine Optimization, is your ability to tweak and optimize your website so that search engines like Google Bing Yandex and others find your content easy to understand, as a result rank higher in organic search results pages. Here’s the latest SEO Starter Guide by Google. Can… Continue reading Introduction

How to Conduct SEO Competitive Analysis

You and I both know that online competition never sleeps, and I’ve seen it on so many occasion that a site owner wakes up one day and finds their most important keywords are out-ranked in Google by a brand new site. Losing huge amounts of website traffic is never fun and it happens more than you think,… Continue reading How to Conduct SEO Competitive Analysis