Creating Web Page Titles for SEO

Don’t be mislead by the blog post being named as Title tags for better SEO, because, HTML Titles are part of w3 standards as opposed to creating and using them for SEO only. What is HTML TITLE Element? The title of a document is specified by the TITLE element. The TITLE element should occur in the HEAD … Continue reading “Creating Web Page Titles for SEO”

SEO Friendly URL Structure

One of the most important signals your web pages sends to Google search engine is the URL structure. Knowing this, always include your most important keywords in the URL portion of your web pages. What is URL Structure? URL (uniform resource locator (also known as URI uniform resource identifier)) structure is the way you name and … Continue reading “SEO Friendly URL Structure”

How to Rank Higher on Google

On this blog post I will provide insights for websites that are already indexed and are ranking high on Google search engine, as well as for web sites that are newly launched. Search Engine Ranking Definition There are two ranking options in Google, one is ranking high for Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, … Continue reading “How to Rank Higher on Google”