Crazy Domains vs GoDaddy

Tossing up between Crazy Domains and GoDaddy? Not sure which one should you choose? There really isn’t that much difference when it comes to their products, services and prices these companies will provide you. Whether you live in Australia, United States or United Kingdom, both companies dominate everything related to websites (domain name registration, website… Continue reading Crazy Domains vs GoDaddy

Yoast SEO Premium Plugin Review 2022

Most RankYa SEO fans and followers send email asking for YOAST SEO Premium WordPress plugin. RankYa blog had a link to GitHub where by just searching GitHub with You can download and use the Premium version, however, using the GitHub version of Yoast SEO Premium will not enable the premium features such as ‘Workouts,… Continue reading Yoast SEO Premium Plugin Review 2022