How to Remove Your Name From Google Plus

When you are wanting to remove your name from Google Plus, you got plenty of different options due to the way Google Accounts work. Remember that each Google Account is associated with 1 main email address which becomes part of your main Google Account. Knowing that, you make any changes we want including changing or … Continue reading “How to Remove Your Name From Google Plus”

How to Remove Content from Google

For simplicity sake, when you hear the term “content” remember that covers everything including textual content such as your name, address, or other content types such as images, videos or any others you want removed from Google. Because Google search engine works like that when it indexes the internet (its like a hungry little monster … Continue reading “How to Remove Content from Google”

How to Rank Higher in 2018 The 6-Point Checklist

Explaining how to rank a website or blog in 2018 is as hard as explaining a novice what SEO is. This is an era of competition among webmasters, and to rank higher, you need to be good at several subjects. If you don’t have the knowledge required, you won’t be able to beat the completion … Continue reading “How to Rank Higher in 2018 The 6-Point Checklist”