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Want Higher Rank in Google? Recent Ranking Drop? Mobile First Index Optimization?

In a world where almost everyone who can use a computer claims to be an SEO specialist, your business website can at last be truly optimized by a WordPress optimization specialist with unmatched skills in WordPress, Google, SEO and Structured Data, because in 2019

  • With mobile first index by Google, everything has changed

SEO is not placing few keywords here and there and hoping for the best. And having a mobile friendly website is not what Mobile First Index means

SEO is an Art and requires advanced knowledge (HTML, CSS, Programming, How Web Servers and how HTTPS Works, Google Search Console, Interaction Design Principles) above all else, having the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. All this combined = Website Optimization for Google = More Profits for Your Business Website.

Why Does Your Website Need RankYa’s Unmatched Skills?

Anything digital I can create and optimize for you, I can code and also create digital assets, I can develop HTML5 Websites from scratch, I can take charge of or advice you on Google AdWords or Facebook PPC ads. I can fix any and all Search Console errors, I can rank keyword in Google very quickly without spamming Google.

What does this mean?

The investment you are considering to make for your most important business asset “your website” will in no-time bring back better returns on your investment. Even after many years, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of hiring RankYa

Search Box and Laptop Illustration
Search Box and Laptop Illustration features an internet search box icon inside a laptop illustration highlighting text “Be First Get More”
  • RankYa experience = unmatched. Find another expert with half the skills? I optimize your site for free
  • RankYa’s affordable service fee  is cheaper = guaranteed. Find another service provider quoting you less? I optimize your site for free

Don’t waste your time searching. Simply hire RankYa and rest assured with your business decision

Testimonial: I want to seize this opportunity to thank and appreciate the most honest, transparent, kindhearted, concerned, hard-worker and very unique person. Tolga, you are an individual that one should aspired to emulate. You are so more than fair on the package for my complete SEO project and your continued support and advice. The private video session is awesome. I will highly recommend you and your great services. You are simply the BEST!

WordPress Optimization Package Includes

Another good reason you would want to hire a professional like RankYa is because I can provide you something unique, something other SEO’s can not provide, like this:

RankYa’s Own Custom Techniques & WordPress Codes

  • Latest 2019 Speculative Optimization using advanced techniques such as particular for your website setup
  • Complex  functions for ALL parts of WordPress (or WooCommerce) (including Custom Post Types) created just for your website setup
  • for improved operations of your website, caching compression and strongest possible WordPress security directives
  • Advanced Complex techniques that hook in to WordPress default head scripts to remove junk and unneeded scripts
  • Advanced Complex techniques that hook in to WordPress default functions to extend their ability to provide better Google ranking signals
  • Advanced Complex techniques to of Theme and Plugin scripts
Schema Structured Data WordPress Services
Feature image shows an illustration of a web page icon with Structured Data Schema.org JSON-LD as large headings next to RankYa Brand logo

Schema Markup and Structured Data

Because Google encourages the use of  and using , JSON-LD and Microdata your website will be setup with valid Structured Data specific for your business website

  • LocalBusiness / Organization, Corporate Contact, Social Profile, Website, WebPageElements, WPHeader WPFooter, WPSideBar, , Sitelinks Searchbox, Products (for WooCommerce), HTML5 Roles attributes, SiteNavigationElement, NewsArticle or BlogPosting

Research and Audits

Web Server & WordPress Specific Optimization

  • Identification and clean up of unneeded folders and files in public_html
  • phpmyadmin Database optimization
  •  (only for Apache Server)
  •  creation and optimization
  • wp-config.php file optimization
  •  (creation, optimization, and or removal according to your website’s standing in Google)
  • Conversion flow analysis and optimization (including creation or adjustment of HTML and CSS coding for improved usability and conversions)
  • SEO Plugin optimization , or or any other SEO plugin)

Advanced Image Optimization

Using Adobe Photoshop all images will go through  techniques including: File name changes if appropriate, EXIF Meta data insertion for jpeg format images, resize of images when appropriate, alt attribute optimization, file size reduction if appropriate

Landing Page Optimization

By using the keywords identified as the most profitable to target for your business, using my own trade secrets I will optimize

  • HTML Titles
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Internal Linking optimization
  • HTML clean up and optimization
  • Heading tags optimization


  • 3 x business mentions on RankYa’s spam free and advertised social profiles (including 3 x quality and natural backlinks)

Google Search Console

Tool from Google that shows you important facts about websites and how Google evaluates it. Let RankYa expertise analyze and fix issues found in Google Search Console. Not using Search Console? I’ll add and verify your website

Search Appearance

  • Structured Data (analysis and fixes)
  • HTML Improvements (analysis and fixes)

Search Analytics


  • Index Coverage (analysis and fixes)
  • XML Sitemaps (analysis and updates (updates if appropriate))
  • Mobile Usability (analysis and fixes)


  • Crawl Errors (analysis)
  • URL Parameters (analysis and optimization (optimization if appropriate))


  • Links to Your Site (analysis)
  • Internal Links (optimization)

Looking for Other WordPress Related Services?

RankYa specializes in WordPress optimization, perhaps you are thinking of moving to WordPress CMS, press here for web development service

Pricing for RankYa Services

Please do keep in mind that RankYa currently offers Full Optimization package that is focused for today’s Google ranking such as  Mobile First Index all our WordPress Optimization package service rates are priced accordingly as there is much to optimize on your website.

  • Small business website (including WooCommerce) with up to 60 URL’s (and 60 images) $1980
  • Small business website (including WooCommerce) with up to 60 URL’s (and 60 images) ++ Search Console Package $2480
  • Small business website (including WooCommerce) with up to 120 URL’s (and 120 images) $2480
  • Small business website (including WooCommerce) with up to 120 URL’s (and 120 images) ++ Search Console Package $2980
  • Own a website with more than 120 URL’s? Inquire for custom quote
  • Please do also read through our Terms and Conditions

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