SEO PDF 2019 -- 5 Minute Search Engine Optimization in PDF

SEO PDF 2019


SEO can be complex and also easy depending on the amount of resources you want to invest in learning. If you are pressed for time and want to quickly learn about most important factors of SEO without going in to technical side of search engine optimization, then, here’s the popular 5 Minute SEO PDF 2019 which you can download and keep for future reference.

What’s Not Covered in the Above Search Engine Optimization PDF 2019?

Technical SEO can not be covered in any Adobe PDF document due to its complexity. However, what’s important in 2019 for Google rankings are:

  • Mobile First Index
  • Speed of Page Load Times
  • Mobile Usability
  • Structured Data

I’ve covered the first three areas briefly in my earlier post with links to additional resources. And if you are technically skillful with HTML and wanna learn more about how to add structured data, simply browse around RankYa Digital Marketing blog. Thank you for sharing this SEO PDF for 2019

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