Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

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When it comes to online business world, your competitors never sleep and, you will always have competitors who are offering the same products and services as your business.

Defining Who Your Competitors Are

Let’s imagine that you own a business and operate it in a business premise in some shopping mall, and let’s imagine that the shop next door that is selling the same products as you “is that business competing with you on internet?”

Absolutely not, because on internet, your competitors are usually determined by . So when we are talking about competitors online, we mean those website’s who are ranking in first position for keywords which you are also targeting. Keywords that if ranked in first position, will be more profitable for you.

Your Competitors Can Not Hide Online

Everything that your competitors do is out there for the World to see, realize that if your competitors website is in Google index, then, they are visible to you. For example: if your competitor was then we can search Google with these advanced search queries:

  • filetype:pdf
  • inanchor:“”
Shows Google Search Results Page for Site Operator Query

Shows Google Search Engine’s search results for site: operator advanced search query

Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks by RankYa SEO

Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks by RankYa SEO illustrates Google search results pagination menu links, details important factors about the inner workings of Google search engine ranking algorithms

These are advanced search operators which can easily be used to gain additional insights about your competitors, keep in mind that there are other  that can be used when analyzing competitors online footprint.

How to Conduct Competitor Analysis

Now that you have better understanding of what’s important for outperforming online business competitors, its time to start exploring their online footprint (particularly their ) which may also show you opportunities for outreaching campaigns for content marketing for your own products and services.

Are you aware of different methods for researching your competitors? If so leave a comment and share your experiences and ideas using the comment form below.


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