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Search Engine Optimization also known as SEO can be complex and also easy depending on the amount of resources you want to invest. But not with RankYa because here’s the popular 5 Minute SEO PDF (Adobe PDF Version) which you can download and keep for creating your next search engine optimized content.

5 Minute SEO PDF for 2018

What’s really needed moving forward is that your website is optimized for mobile devices because you can then really take advantage of all what Google offers in 2018

Consider the fact for Google to continue making profits it must dominate the mobile search market (which is almost four times larger compared to Google dominance of desktop searches of the past). And if a website is not loading fast, or looks all out of place when viewed on mobile devices, that’s not good for anyone. So Google is evolving to cater for the mobile search market of the future. That is a great news for you because by using RankYa SEO techniques, you can dominate Google rankings regardless of how people search or which devices they use.

Content Marketing and SEO

While here, perhaps its smart that we truly understand that content marketing is part of SEO (despite other guru’s labeling content marketing and SEO as two different subjects.). Why is content marketing is part of SEO? Because all what is on your website must be thought of content, that means when you are optimizing your landing pages according to the practical SEO pdf insights, you are marketing through Google Search.

Also, you should make it easy and find new ways for others to share your content as well as share your own content that you create (this will naturally increase your backlink count which Google also evaluates).

So all in all, continue creating useful and targeted content to see best possible results from your effort. Don’t forget to share this SEO PDF with others (because its now easy to learn practical SEO with RankYa).

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