How to Fix Contact Form 7 Configuration Errors

How to Fix WordPress Contact Form 7 Configuration Errors

Using the popular Contact form 7 WordPress Plugin? The latest update in February 2016 has a new feature called “Validating the Contact Form 7

However, it seems that the plugin author has not clearly explained how to fix these errors. If you are seeing “This contact form has a configuration error.” messages and want to fix them.

The information for fixing the validation errors directs you to the plugin help section, and I don’t know about you but I couldn’t find the answer for fixing this, until I worked out that the optional fields as shown in the image below:

Shows WordPress Contact Form 7 Configuration Error Warning
Shows WordPress Contact Form 7 Configuration Error Warning Plugin dialog box
Shows Contact Form 7 Configuration Option for Mail Settings
Shows Contact Form 7 Configuration Option for Mail Settings

Basically, the validator is complaining for Mail settings for optional fields (even though “This field can be empty depending on user input“).

To fix this: press on Mail Tab, and insert any text in to those optional fields making sure that they are not empty.

Note: these Mail settings are not visible to your website visitors and are to do with you receiving the message in your inbox. So you can put any text you want in to those Mail Tab settings.

Error Messages You May Encounter

This Contact Form has a Configuration Error

This is just an error message coming from the new WordPress Contact Form 7 validator. As far as I can tell, the validator isn’t tested before public release. So it throws an error message as above, to fix it, you have to fix the other errors as outlined below.

This field can be empty depending on user input

I believe this is the most confusing part, as the wording is misleading and confusing. Because the validator is saying “This field can be empty depending on user input” and then doesn’t validate even for those optional fields.

To remedy this error: simply make sure that you include some text in those optional fields in Mail settings (as shown in the images).

This email address does not belong to the same domain as the site

If the email address you specify is not using the same domain address as your current installation, then you will see this error message.

To remedy this error: change the email address you receive your contact form messages in to, making sure that it matches the email address that contains your domain name being the same as your WordPress installation. However, you can leave the email address unchanged, and simply ignore the error message altogether if you want to receive your messages using external email address.

Video Tutorial by RankYa Showing How You Can Fix WordPress Contact Form 7 Configuration Errors

Thank you for learning with me and sharing this post so that others who are using the popular WordPress Contact Form 7 Plugin can also remedy these configuration errors.

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  1. Ryan

    You’re the best! I’ve been frustrated by this problem for a while.

    1. RankYa

      Great to hear this Ryan, I know that it also took me bit of time to figure out how to fix these configuration errors (just to find out that there were no errors at all) but rather the way WordPress Contact Form 7 validator validates. Anyhow, its good to see that other WordPress site owners are finding this blog post helpful. Keep up the great work on your site

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