How-To SEO YouTube Videos in 2024

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Want your YouTube videos to get #1 position ranking instantly? Wondering how to optimize videos for seo? Let RankYa show you how-to in this RankYa special blog post.

Imagine your content being effortlessly found by users searching Google or YouTube. That’s the power of YouTube video SEO. By meticulously refining your video titles, descriptions, and tags as I’ve highlighted, you’re not just appealing to YouTube’s search algorithm; you’re positioning yourself for prime real estate across the web’s most popular search engine. Let’s learn how:

Important Note for RankYa followers: from now on, I’ll be creating unique Google ranking mastery techniques and my own trade secrets available only on website (since I am getting annoid by other so called SEO’s stealing my hard earned trade secrets without crediting RankYa content).

Video Tutorial Showing How-To SEO YouTube Videos in 2024

Step 1 Keyword Research for YouTube Videos

One of the most important aspect of search engine optimization for search engine rankings is keywords because Google has limited options to analyze content online. You need NOT need paid keyword research tools (they are ALL worthless) the only tool you need is Google Search Box (or even Google Keyword Planner for large YouTube channel).

keyword research YouTube video SEO

Step 2 Create Engaging & Useful Videos

The reason this is step two is because, you should first conduct keyword research to better understand your target audience. Researching keywords allow you to glimps in to interests and wants of your YouTube channel audience. Then, surely create engaging and awesome content “find your voice”.

Step 3 Optimize Your Video Thumbnail Image

STOP using free YouTube video thumbnail image generators, instead, consider using premium programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. If you do not have access to such programs, you can easily use Windows Paint or Open Source GIMP image editing software to generate your video thumbnail image. One way or another understand the important of originality for Google and SEO. In fact, latest Google updates focus strongly on original content.

Video thumbnail images must be unique and engaging. You can include important keywords on the image itself. You can use colors to your advantage because in YouTube search results some contrasting gradient colors stand out allowing you to get higher click through rate for more video views.

Step 4 Optimize Your Video

As I’ve highlighted in the video lesson above, follow the steps outlined before you upload your videos to your channel.

Because you have already inserted important information using Windows Right Click > Properties > Details. Your inserted details are now attached to the video file. This means, when you upload to YouTube, they should match as closely as possible.

YouTube video edit options

Grow Your Channel Authority

If you are just starting out, then it is important to be patient and don’t be discouraged if you do not get the initial views. As long as you follow these insights, you will grow your channel. To be able to further search engine optimize your YouTube channel and videos. You can use various other methods:

  • Advertise Promote Videos using YouTube Ads
  • Maintain other social profiles such as Facebook and share your videos
  • Maintain your own website and embed YouTube videos (at basic level you can use Google Sites (must be logged in to your Google Account) which are Free to use)
  • Share videos with family and friends (or email mailing list if you have it)
  • Learn from other creators of YouTube Creator Help Section

How-To Rank YouTube Videos in Google

When you follow the instructions above, you will actually get visitors finding you through Google web search. However, at times, depending on the industry, some keywords may take bit longer to rank in Google. In such cases, what you want to do is continue promoting your videos all while maintaining a professionally built website with unique content (or ensure sharing of your web pages and videos).

RankYa Video SEO Tip

When you share your videos on other platforms (social media, website/s that is not part of YouTube, as in external sites) you can send backlinks to your YouTube channel / Playlist / or individual videos. All quality backlinks help in Google rankings.

Remember YouTube SEO isn’t just a buzzword, it’s your ticket to skyrocketing visibility on the world’s largest video platform (Google & YouTube) with millions of searchers each day.

By strategically optimizing your channel’s page sections, playlists, video descriptions, you’re not just attracting viewers on YouTube alone, but you’re also opening doors to be discovered across the internet including Google, Bing or other search engines.

Crack the Code of Video Information

It’s not just about the content of your videos – it’s about how you present them to the digital universe. Craft compelling titles that entice clicks, weave in keywords naturally, and utilize tags that accurately reflect your content. This trifecta of metadata magic doesn’t just improve your YouTube ranking; it propels you to the forefront of search engine results pages everywhere.

Craft Compelling Video Descriptions

Don’t let your video descriptions be an afterthought. Elevate them into compelling narratives that engage viewers and search engines alike. Integrate relevant keywords seamlessly in the first 150 character space as that part of video description is visible by default, provide valuable context, and include links to related content or your website in this important area of video details.

Remember, a well-optimized description isn’t just informative – it’s a powerful magnet for organic traffic and higher click-through rates.

Elevate Your Visuals

Search engine optimization for Google & YouTube isn’t just about keywords it’s about captivating visuals too. Customize eye-catching thumbnails that grab attention and compel more clicks. Optimize your video quality and formatting for maximum engagement (in 2024, you can render in 4K or at least use HD recording).

Remember, a visually stunning video isn’t just a treat for your viewers; it’s a signal to search engines that your content is worthy of higher rank results. Follow best practices for video and audio formatting specifications.

Consistency is Key

Just like anything good in life YouTube also rewards consistency. Whether it’s your posting schedule, branding elements, or content quality because maintaining a consistent standard is essential for any type of business growth. Regular uploads signal to Google’s algorithm that you’re a reliable source of fresh content, boosting your visibility across search results.

Leverage Playlists for Power

Don’t underestimate the power of video sections and playlists. Organize your content into thematic playlists to enhance user experience and encourage prolonged viewing sessions. By optimizing your playlists with descriptive titles, keyword-rich descriptions, and relevant tags, you’re not just enhancing discoverability, but rather, you’re fostering deeper engagement and loyalty among your return audience.

In essence, mastering YouTube SEO isn’t just about appeasing algorithms, it’s about crafting a holistic marketing strategy that amplifies your content’s reach and impact. So, use your new found power of video optimization, refine your approach, test, repeat, and watch as your YouTube channel skyrocket to new heights of success.

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