How to Conduct SEO Competitive Analysis

How to Conduct SEO Competitive Analysis


You and I both know that online competition never sleeps, and I’ve seen it on so many occasion that a site owner wakes up one day and finds their most important keywords are out-ranked in Google by a brand new site.

Losing huge amounts of website traffic is never fun and it happens more than you think, because is easy in 2016. All you need is a domain name, website that’s fully optimized and, voila, you get top rankings in Google. But if that’s your competitors who are out-ranking your site in Google, then, let us now learn

How to Conduct SEO Competitive Analysis

Good news is, your competitors are buck naked online, literally, everything that they are doing for online marketing and improving their website is out there for the world to see.

Knowing this you can take advantage and begin to conduct website SEO analysis on your competitor’s website using or  tools to see how well your competitors are investing in their website optimization (if at all). Find out what their website’s weaknesses and strengths are so that you can create a better plan of action to outperform them. The most important factors for you to consider are:

Website Content Analysis Factors

Website Content Analysis Factors features a web page icon with highlighted areas on a page such as: page name, title, description, navigation menu text, keywords, internal linking, image name, alt attribute name. It also contains, file icons for PDF, standard Document and video play icon with three question marks in the middle

Analyze Their Content and Keywords They are Targeting

Content is king, but the meaning of content isn’t just the textual content such as the amount of web pages or blog posts your competitor has. Content is everything as far as an online businesses are concerned. Meaning, think of content as everything that makes up the competing website. Dependant on the industry, this can include: images, videos, PDF’s and textual content. So look at their site from that point of view to see what makes up their content structure.

SEO Tip for business websites: did you know that your privacy policy page, terms and conditions page, and contact us page are as important for Google rankings as your home page. Now you know, make sure yours are unique and it reflects your business.

Analyze Their Website to See ‘If it is Optimized’

Using the online tools, look at their web page name, titles, meta description, keywords meta tags, heading tags, image file names, alt attributes, navigation linking menu structure, broken links, do they have clearly visible privacy policy, terms and conditions page and contact page.

How much attention has gone into the usability of their website? That’s the question that needs answering when researching your competitor website. Furthermore: use the tools made available by Google

Perform Analysis on Their Social Media Profiles

Social media profiles of your competitors can also reveal to you important aspects for outmaneuvering your online competitors techniques. Look at the manner in which they are communicating with your ideal customers. What promotions they are offering and are they trying to get visitors to certain pages you weren’t aware of? As certain landing pages may not be visible when you analyze their website navigation structure.

Last But Not Least

 that archives the internet by taking snapshots of websites in particular moment in time. Wayback machine can reveal useful insights such as “when your competitor website first went live online” “how often they are updating their website” and also “what they are updating on their site”.

If you do not want your own competitors to spy on your website through Wayback machine, then place this code in your robots.txt file

User-agent: ia_archiver
Disallow: /

Video Lesson on Competitor Analysis

Additional Notes

Keep in mind always, researching your competitors can be as detailed as you want depending on your allocated resources. Or it can be done in less than an hour if you are an efficient data miner. I hope you are now more informed as to how you can do SEO competitive analysis.

Wishing you great success on internet and kindly encourage you to share this informative blog post on your social profile. Thank you for learning with me.

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