SEO for the Future

What is the future of SEO & Google rankings? Google algorithms with Page Experience & Core Web Vitals updates has changed Google’s search ranking system, however, with creating helpful, reliable, people-first content guidelines more changes are on the way.

DE-INDEXATION of Millions of Webpages

Previously, if the website didn’t meet Google guidelines, then, Google would still index the content it found on a website and even show it in Search Results for certain keyword searches. The latest changes means that Google will not only de-rank websites, they will actually remove millions of webpages from index due to streamlining their core updates for Page Experience.

Above pragraph will sound true if you used Google Search Console reports where Page Index reports Crawled – currently not indexed

Crawled – currently not indexed >>> The page was crawled by Google but not indexed. It may or may not be indexed in the future; no need to resubmit this URL for crawling.

This SEO for the Future private video course by RankYa will ensure that your website is indexed while increasing ranking results.

SEO for the Future Search Engine Optimization Course by RankYa

Video Course Contents

  • Fundamentals for Google Rankings (30 minutes)
  • Landing Page Optimization (30 minutes)
  • Technical SEO for NON Technical Website Owners (15 minutes)
  • Technical SEO Simplified (42 minutes)
  • BONUS – How to Get Higher Website Conversion (30 minutes)

Why This Private Video Course?

  • Google ranking systems in 2024 will be drastically different
  • Improve your business website’s profits due to getting top Google rankings
  • Bonus video: proven insights for getting higher website conversion rates

Who Can Benefit?

  • Ecommerce operators
  • Digital marketing students
  • Web developers and SEO Specialists
  • Small business owner managing their own website

Wow is all I can say. If you are starting with SEO today, then this is the course. Mr. Savas covers it perfectly

Terms and Conditions

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  • You are also agreeing to not publish, make available public RankYa’s website optimization techniques, and or formulas found within your purchased private course.

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